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Last Updated : 19/04/2021

936/2017 NIQ 03/2016/IT/DHEP - (1.68 MB) 25th Feb 2016 Supply, installation and commissioning of Radio Equipments for Point to Point Data Link between Doyang Dam and Power House
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935/2017 NIT NO.37/2015-16/KHEP/C&P(C) - (225.94 KB) 23rd Apr 2015 Supply and installation of Dome with column fountain along with all accessories including the total civil works for construction of water pool and other essentials at Guest House, KHEP, Umrongso.
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934/2017 NIT NO.80/DGM(C)/TGBPP/2015 - (2.26 MB) 23rd Apr 2015 Construction of Boundary Wall between plant and colony facility of TGBPP
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933/2017 NIT NO.35/2015-16/KHEP/C&P(C) - (355.53 KB) 22nd Apr 2015 Renovation of existing toilets of Kopili Power Station, KHEP
932/2017 NIQ NO.KHEP/2015/229 - (255.66 KB) 22nd Apr 2015 Selling of unserviceable and obsolete/damage vehicle/equipment on AS IS WHERE IS BASIS from KHEP
931/2017 NIT NO.05/2015 - (414.46 KB) 22nd Apr 2015 Replacement of barbed wire fencing and providing fitting, fixing concertina 600mm dia at backside of security wall of plant area of AGBP
930/2017 NIT NO.14/NEEPCO/DGM/CIVIL/AGTP-CC(EP)/2015-16 - (3.43 MB) 13th Apr 2015 De-silting of west side chamber of Raw Water Reservoir at AGTP CC Extension Project
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929/2017 NIB NO.132 - (85.86 KB) 13th Apr 2015 Limited tender for Providing Insurance coverage for the Assets of 5 MWp Grid Interactive Solar PV Power Project, at Monarchak, Sonamura Sub Division, Tripura (West) District.
928/2017 NIT 35/NEEPCO/AGTP-CC(EP)/CIVIL/2015-16 - (355.53 KB) 26th Feb 2016 Construction of PCC base & laying with fixing of Hume pipe connection with combine cycle outlet drain in AGTP.
927/2017 NIB No.131 - (91.97 KB) 10th Apr 2015 Renewal of Insurance Policy of 132 kV Balipara-Khuppi-KimiTransmission line, 33 kV Khuppi - Tenga Dam Transmission line and 33 kV Tenga Dam -Bichom Transmission line Kameng
926/2017 SNIT No.AGBP/U&_WC/2015-16/13 - (472.28 KB) 10th Apr 2015 Supply of Cables for AGBP,NEEPCO Ltd., Bokuloni, Assam
925/2017 NIT NO.NEEPCO/AGBP/S.M./C&I/2014-15/NIQ/03 - (1.08 MB) 10th Apr 2015 Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Online ABT & Energy Management System
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924/2017 NIT KHEP/C&P(E)/2016/254 - (287.26 KB) 26th Feb 2016 Supply of Electrical/Mechanical items
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923/2017 NIT 1/AGTCCPP - (1.14 MB) 27th Feb 2016 Manufacture, Supply and delivery of Insulation Materials for AGTCCPP
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922/2017 NIT NO.79/DGM(C)/TGBPP/2015 - (1.93 MB) 09th Apr 2015 Repairing of Field Hostel located at TGBPP, NEEPCO, Monarchak, Tripura
921/2017 AGBP/U&WC/T70(B)/15_16/09-13 - (166.59 KB) 08th Apr 2015 Dispose off three numbers of unserviceable vehicles.
920/2017 NIQ No.01/AGTP/HOP - (220.63 KB) 08th Apr 2015 Supply of Various Measuring Instruments for AGTP,NEEPCO Ltd,R.C. Nagar,Tripura
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919/2017 NIQ No.02/AGTP/HOP - (961.42 KB) 08th Apr 2015 Supply and Installation of "Bio-metric Attendance System" for AGTP,NEEPCO Ltd.
918/2017 NIT No.34/2015-16/KHEP/C&P(C) - (220.63 KB) 07th Apr 2015 Construction of Water Storage tank near Anchor Block-6 for Fire Hydrant System at KHEP.
917/2017 NIQ 34/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2015-16 - (120.13 KB) 03rd Mar 2016 Supply of jelly filled unarmoured telephone cable for AGTCCPP
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916/2017 NIT 77/DGM(C)/TGBPP/2015 - (447.15 KB) 07th Apr 2015 Providing and Laying water pipe line for drinking water distribution
915/2017 NIT 78/DGM(C)/TGBPP/2015 - (447.14 KB) 07th Apr 2015 Providing and Laying WBM, Bituminous surfacing with seal coat at colony road.
914/2017 SNIT No.AGBP/MMW/2015/01 - (408.36 KB) 06th Apr 2015 For disposal of Used lubricating Oil and Empty Barrels, under MMW of AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd.
913/2017 SNITNo.01/2015/SFC/AGBP - (190.41 KB) 06th Apr 2015 Inlet Air Filter Elements for MW-251 MHI Gas Turbine and Frame-IV BHEL Gas Turbines of AGBP.
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912/2017 NIT NO.75/DGM(C)/TGBPP/2015 - (2.24 MB) 04th Apr 2015 Construction of B-Type Residential Quarter at TGBPP colony under 5MWp Grid Interactive Solar PV Power Plant at Monarchak, Sonamura, Sepahijala Dist. of Tripura
911/2017 NIT NO.76/DGM(C)/TGBPP/2015 - (483.56 KB) 04th Apr 2015 Construction of Badminton court & repairing of Field Hostel at TGBPP, Monarchak, Tripura
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910/2017 NIT NO.01/SRMC/AGTP/2015-16 - (519.76 KB) 01st Apr 2015 Raising of the boundary wall of the Plant Complex of AGTP at the position near the TSR 1st gate
909/2017 NIT NEEPCO/ES/R/35(A)/2015-2016/07 - (112.73 KB) 04th Mar 2016 Procurement of Water Supply and Sanitary Materials for NEEPCO Office Complex including NEEPCO Guest House,Shillong
908/2017 NIT 35/Sr M(E/M)/C&P/AGTCCPP/2015-16 - (1.84 MB) 04th Mar 2016 Extension of the bank building for a store room in the IOB at AGTP
907/2017 NIT 106/DGM(C)/TGBPP/2016 - (263.96 KB) 08th Mar 2016 Providing Pre-polished designer interlocking tiles 25 mm thick in front of STG, Erector's hostel at TGBPP
906/2017 NIQ NO.7 - (78.29 KB) 31st Mar 2015 Supply & installation of FRP OR RUBBER LINING WORKS OF DEGASSER TANKS for AGTP
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905/2017 NIQ 21 - (232.84 KB) 09th Mar 2016 Rate Contract in connection with supervisory works of hydro test on boilers by deputation of technical manpower at AGTCCPP
904/2017 NIT 107/DGM(C)/TGBPP/2016 - (723.56 KB) 10th Mar 2016 Supply of CPVC pipes and fittings to TGBPP
903/2017 NIQ NO.KHEP/2015/228 - (389.56 KB) 31st Mar 2015 Supply of electrical items to Khandong Power Station, KHEP
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902/2017 NIT NO.33/2014-15/KHEP/C&P(C) - (181.57 KB) 30th Mar 2015 Painting of Kopili & Khandong Valve House Building
901/2017 NIQ NO.KHEP/2015/226 - (196.87 KB) 30th Mar 2015 Selling of unserviceable and obsolete/damaged vehicles on AS IS WHERE IS BASIS
900/2017 NIQ NO.KHEP/2015/227 - (517.25 KB) 30th Mar 2015 Supply of electrical items to Khandong and Kopili Power Station, KHEP
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899/2017 NIB 02/GHY - (794.99 KB) 11th Mar 2016 Topographical Survey, preparation of Contour Plans/maps /river cross-sections etc PHASE I for preparation of DPR of Kurung Hydro Electric Project (330MW), Arunachal Pradesh
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898/2017 NIQ NO.04/2015 - (1.18 MB) 28th Mar 2015 Supply of Hardware Materials for Building Maintenance Works at AGBP
897/2017 NIT NO.04/2015 - (806.23 KB) 27th Mar 2015 Cleaning of Main drain alongwith construction of damaged drain slab of AGBP Colony
896/2017 NIT 02 - (906.05 KB) 11th Mar 2016 Improvement of approach road to NEEPCO Health Centre from near office of the DGM(C)-I, TrHEP, Mizoram
895/2017 NIQ NO.KHEP/2015/225 - (540.63 KB) 26th Mar 2015 Supply of G.I. Pipes
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894/2017 NIQ NO.03/2015 - (539.78 KB) 26th Mar 2015 Supply of Texself Al Adhesive & R.B.Primer Emufal TE at AGBP
893/2017 NIT 01/2015-2016 - (2.86 MB) 14th Mar 2016 Additional exploratory core drilling in Dam Area and Plunge Pool Area under Pare HEP
892/2017 NIT NO.73/DGM(C)/TGBPP/2015 - (1.48 MB) 25th Mar 2015 Construction of Open Community Centre at TGBPP, Monarchak, Tripura
891/2017 NIB NO.12/GHY - (449.86 KB) 24th Mar 2015 Supply of 15000MT Portland Pozzolana Cement for Tuirial H.E. Project, Mizoram
890/2017 NIT RHEP/DGM/16/2015-16 - (134.36 KB) 15th Mar 2016 Development of frontal portion of SBI, RHEP.
889/2017 NIQ NO.6 - (71.77 KB) 24th Mar 2015 Supply of SUBMERSIBLE BORE WELL PUMPS
888/2017 NIT RHEP/DGM/15/2015-16 - (134.66 KB) 15th Mar 2016 Providing tiles at various rooms of RHEP dispensary
887/2017 NIT NO.NEEPCO/Coord/Guwahati/F-100/2014-2015/06 - (465.04 KB) 24th Mar 2015 Construction & renovation of Toilets under Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan in Guwahati, Kamrup (Metro) District