Last Updated : 20/09/2021

2518/2021 NIT No.NEEPCO/AGBP/CWC/2021-22/13
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18/09/2021 Construction of Flower Bed with Brick Work at Main Park, inside of Main Gate, Plant Gate and in front of Quarter of HOP, AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd, Bokuloni Dist, Dibrugarh, Assam.
2517/2021 NIT No.27/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2021
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10/09/2021 Exterior Painting including repairing of 20 nos of A type building (A-21 to A-40) at AGTCCPP residential complex, NEEPCO Ltd. R.C. Nagar, Agartala, Tripura(W).
2516/2021 NIT No.NEEPCO/AGBP/CWC/2021-22/12
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07/09/2021 Unloading of Septic Tank and Soak Pit of Residential and Non Residential Buildings at Colony and Plant area of AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd, Bokuloni, Dist. Dibrugarh, Assam.
2514/2021 NIB No.404
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01/09/2021 Renewal of Standard Fire and Special Perils Insurance Policy for the Assets of Kameng Hydro Electric Plant (600MW), West Kameng District, Arunachal Pradesh (excluding those assets covered under IAR Insurance Policy of Kameng HEP) for a Period of 1(One) Year w.e.f. 00:00:00 Hours of 19.10.2021.
2513/2021 NIT No.NEEPCO/AGBP/CWC/2021-22/11
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31/08/2021 Cleaning of Sludge from Clarifocculator #1 & 2, Painting of Aerator and Railing of Clarifocculator #1 & 2 at Plant area of AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd, Bokuloni, Dist, Dibrugarh, Assam.
2515/2021 No:14 of 2021-22/HCMW
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30/08/2021 Up-Keeping of Dikrong Power House Colony at Hoz, Grp-2.NEEPCO, Yayee (A.P).
2512/2021 NIB No. KaHEP/EMG/09
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30/08/2021 Supply, Erection of High Mast Lighting System for Kameng HEP located in the West Kameng District in the State of Arunachal Pradesh, NEEPCO in India.
2511/2021 NIT No.NIT/KHEP/C&P/2021-22/418
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27/08/2021 Tender for Supply and Delivery of Consumable Items Other Electrical Materials for Utility Wing of Kopili Hydro Electric Plant,NEEPCO Ltd, Umrangso, Assam.
2510/2021 NIB No.403
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27/08/2021 Construction of Superstructure of Steel Girder Bridge at CH. 8425.00 Mover Saddle Nallah on Pinjori-Kimi Road, Kameng H.E. Plant, West Kameng District, Arunachal Pradesh.
2509/2021 NIB No.402
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23/08/2021 Renewal of Industrial All Risk(IAR) Insurance Policy for the Assets of Khandong Power House(50 MW),KHEP, Umrongso, Assam.
2508/2021 NIT No. KHEP/C&P/2021-22/417
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21/08/2021 Repairing of damaged Approach Road to Adit-III of Umrong WCS under KHEP, NEEPCO Ltd., Umrongso, Dima Hasao,Assam.
2507/2021 NIT No. KHEP/C&P/2021-22/416
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21/08/2021 Repairing of damaged Approach Road to Adit-II of Umrong WCS under KHEP, NEEPCO Ltd., Umrongso, Dima Hasao,Assam.
2506/2021 NIT No:13 of 2021-22/HCMW
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19/08/2021 Up-Keeping of Dikrong Power House Colony at Hoz, Grp-1, RHEP, NEEPCO Ltd.
2504/2021 LNIT No.KHEP/C&P/2021-22/14
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13/08/2021 Limited Tender for Construction of 750 KVA DG Set Foundation and DG Room for Kopili Power Station (4X50), Dima Hasao Assam.
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2503/2021 NIT No.NEEPCO/AGBP/O&AWC/2021-22/02
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13/08/2021 Conducting Mandatory Energy Audit (MEA) in respect of Assam Gas Based Power Plant, NEEPCO Ltd, Bokuloni, Dibrugarh, Assam in line with S.O. 1378(E)dtd 27.05.2014(Gazette notification-Ministry of Power).
2499/2021 NIB NO.TrHEP-15/2021
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11/08/2021 Construction of 1no Guest House at Tuirial Hydro Electric Project, Mizoram.
2502/2021 NIB No.NEEPCO/AGBP/CWC/2021-2022/09
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10/08/2021 Repairing of C-Type Quarter No.C-09 and Providing Tiles in the Bathroom of Quarter No.B-25(A) & A-11(B) at Colony area of AGBP,NEEPCO Bokuloni Dist. Dibrugarh, Assam.
2498/2021 NIB No.KaHEP/EMG/08
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10/08/2021 Maintenance Of 132, 33 And 11 Kv Transmission Lines And Operation & Maintenance Of Indoor Sub-Stations At Kameng Hep, Arunachal Pradesh, India, For A Period Of 3 (Three) Years. Last Date Of Bid Submission Is On 13/09/2021
2505/2021 NIT NO. KHEP/C&P/2021-22/415
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09/08/2021 Protection works (Construction of Spur) at Downstream of Kopili Power House of Kopili Hydro Electric Plant,Umrongso, Assam.
2497/2021 NIT No.NEEPCO/AGBP/ST&AUX/2021-22/04
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09/08/2021 In Situ Servicing/Testing/Setting and popping of BHEL make Spring Loaded Boiler Safety Valves of HRGS and Aux Steam Header. AGBP, NEEPCO.
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2496/2021 NIT NO. KHEP/C&P/2021-22/414
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07/08/2021 Repairing of Qtr. No. D- 09 (A), D-04 (A) & D-33 (B) including fitting & fixing tiles in bathroom & kitchen, KHEP, NEEPCO Ltd. Umrongso
2495/2021 NIT NO. KHEP/C&P/2021-22/413
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07/08/2021 Renovation of toilet and kitchen by providing tiles & inside distempering, painting including roof treatment and minor repairing of qtr. No. B- Flat no. 4 (A) in the permanent colony KHEP, Umrongso
2492/2021 NIT No. KHEP/C&P/2021-22/412
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05/08/2021 Repairing of Qtr. No. D-24(B), D-37(A) &D-38(A) including fitting and fixing Tiles in Bathroom & Kitchen KHEP NEEPCO Ltd. Umrongso.
2501/2021 NIB No.KaHEP/EMG/07
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04/08/2021 Operation & Maintenance of Hydro-Mechanical & Electro-Mechanical Equipment/System of Bichom and Tenga Dam Complex of Kameng H.E. Project (600MW) in West Kameng District of Arunachal Pradesh.
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2500/2021 NIB No.NEEPCO/AGBP/PEM/O&M-01/2021-22/02
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04/08/2021 Design, Engineering, manufacturing, supply, retrofitting/erection, testing and commissioning of 14 sets 245KV CT by replacing old existing BHEL make 245KV CT at AGBP, NEEP\cO, Ltd, Bokuloni, Dibrugarh, Assam, Pin: 78619.
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2493/2021 LNIT No.KHEP/C&P/2021-22/12
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04/08/2021 Construction of DG Room Building at Kopili Power house at KHEP Umrongso, Assam.
2491/2021 NEEPCO/FIN/COMP/EOI/01
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03/08/2021 Expression of Interest (EOI) for empanelment as Cost Auditors for the FY 2021-22.
PDF icon To, M/s. A.C. Dutta & Co, Cost Accountants, Kolkata 700001.1.45 MB
PDF icon To, M/s. Mani & Co, Cost Accountants, Kolkata 700029.1.44 MB
PDF icon To, M/s. Chandra Wadhwa & Co, Cost Accountants, New Delhi 110002.1.45 MB
2490/2021 NIT No.NEEPCO/AGBP/MMW/2021-22/01
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03/08/2021 Disposal of Used Lube Oil and Metallic Empty Barrels” under custody of MMW on “As is where is basis” lying at AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd., P. O. Bokuloni Chariali, Dist: Dibrugarh, Assam, PIN – 786191.
2489/2021 No. KHEP/C&P/2021-22/411
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03/08/2021 Requirement of Water Supply and Sanitary Materials, at Kopili Hydro Electric plant NEEPCO Ltd. Umrongso, Dima Hasao, Assam.
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2488/2021 NIB No. KaHEP/EMG/06
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03/08/2021 Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Heavy duty Multi tier pre-fabricated Steel rack and Shelving storage System at 600 MW Kameng Hydro Electric Project, Arunachal Pradesh.
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2487/2021 NIB No.400
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29/07/2021 Construction of 2(Two) Nos. of Raw Water Reservoirs and another 2(Two)Nos. of Clear Water Reservoirs for water Treatment Plant at Doyang , Nagaland
2486/2021 NIT No.NEEPCO/AGBP/ST&Aux/2021-22/03
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28/07/2021 Cleaning of 3(Three) numbers of Surface Condenser Tubes of 3*30 MW Steam turbine by high pressure water jetting (Jetting shall have to be carried out in all 04(Four) Isolated chambers of the condensor at the same time round the clock with four lances to squeeze jetting time. Failure to which penalty shall be imposed on Pro rata basis for the period the contractor fails to do it so).Assam Gas Based Power Plant, Bokuloni Villaghe Dist. Dibrugarh Assam.
PDF icon Corrigendum 1183.19 KB
2485/2021 NIB No.NEEPCO/AGBP/ST&AUX/2021-22/02
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27/07/2021 Remnant Life Assessment Study of 03 nos of 3X30 MW Steam Condensers at AGBP NEEPCO.
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2484/2021 NIT No.NEEPCO/AGBP/CWC/2021-22/06
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27/07/2021 Repairing and Painting of Pre Treatment Plant Building (Chemical House)at Plant area of AGBP,NEEPCO Ltd, Bokuloni, Dist. Dibrugarh, Assam.
2483/2021 NIB No.KaHEP/EMG/05
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23/07/2021 Illumination and LT Electrical Distribution System at Tenga Dam of Kameng Hydro Electric Project, West Kameng NEEPCO.
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2482/2021 NIT No.26/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2021-2022
PDF icon 200720211100-2482.pdf2.64 MB
20/07/2021 Construction of Edge Brick Soling Paving in GBT store of Plant Complex, AGTCCPP, NEEPCO Ltd, R.C.Nagar, Agartala, Tripura(W).
2481/2021 NIT No.NEEPCO/AGBP/ST&AUX/2021-22/01
PDF icon 200720211000-2481.pdf458.96 KB
20/07/2021 In Situ Servicing/testing/setting and Popping of BHEL make Spring Loaded boiler safety Valves of HRSGs and Aux Steam Header.
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2480/2021 NIT No.25/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2021-2022
PDF icon 200720211100-2480.pdf2.62 MB
17/07/2021 Roof Treatment of Hospital Building at accounts office portion, AGTCCPP, NEEPCO Ltd, R.C. Nagar, Agartala, Tripura(W).
2477/2021 NIT No.24/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2O27-22
PDF icon 090720211100-2477.pdf5.93 MB
08/07/2021 Providing Services for Alignment and realignment of all rotating equipment and related field activities of 135 MW Agartala 6os Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant at Ramchandranagar, Agartala - 799008, Tripura.
2479/2021 NIB No.03-21/DGM(E/M)/TGBPP/2021-22
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07/07/2021 Supply, Transportation, transit insurance, delivery, loading, unloading erection and commissioning of PV Stanalone Street Lighting at 5MWp Grid Interactive Solar Plant area of TGBPP, NEEPCO, Monarchak, Tripura.
PDF icon Cancellation Notice.639.61 KB
2478/2021 NIB No.02-21/DGM(E/M)/TGBPP/2021-22 07/07/2021 Supply, Transportation, transit insurance, delivery, loading, unloading erection and commissioning - Byback of Industrial Type 2 V Lead Acid Batteries To Provide 110 V DC Supply in Solar Plant of TGBPP, NEEPCO, Monarchak, Tripura.
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2475/2021 NIT No: 12 of 2021-22/HCMW
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07/07/2021 Construction of cement concrete road from 33kV substation gate to Power house Gate at Dikrong Power house house, hoj, A.P. (Grp-3, ch 400.00 to 600.00m).
2474/2021 NIT No: 11 of 2021-22/HCMW
PDF icon 080720210900-2474.pdf224.31 KB
07/07/2021 Construction of cement concrete road from 33kV substation gate to Power house Gate at Dikrong Power house house, hoj, A.P. (Grp-2, ch 200.00 to 400.00m).
2473/2021 NIT No:10 of 2021-22/HCMW
PDF icon 080720210900-2473.pdf224.22 KB
07/07/2021 Construction of cement concrete road from 33kV substation gate to Power house Gate at Dikrong Power house house, hoj, A.P. (Grp-1, ch 0.00 to 200.00m).
2471/2021 NIT No.23/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2021-2022
PDF icon 060720211100-2471.pdf2.57 MB
03/07/2021 Construction of toilet and modification of pump house at colony complex, AGTCCPP, Ramchandra Nagar, Agartala, Tripura(W).
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2470/2021 NIB No.NEEPCO/AGBP/CWC/2021-2022/05
PDF icon 050720211000-2470.pdf964.75 KB
02/07/2021 Construction of Boundary Wall for proposed Grazing Land at a Portion of NEEPCO's Acquired Land, Bokuloni, Dist. Dibrugarh Assam.
2469/2021 NIT No.22/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2021-22
PDF icon 030720211100-2469.pdf6.11 MB
02/07/2021 Supply, Delivery & Transportation, loading & unloading of Dosing Chemicals [Soda ash, Ammonium Alum] for NEEPCO, AGTCCPP, Ramchandra Nagar, Agartala, Tripura(W).
2468/2021 NIB No.397
PDF icon 020720210900-2468.pdf579.75 KB
01/07/2021 Design, engineering, manufacture, testing at manufacturer's works, packing & forwarding, transportation including transit insurance during transportation as well as intermediate storage if necessary, delivery at site, unloading & handling at site, storage, and erection, testing & commissioning of 3X26.666 MVAR Bus Reactor Bank plus 1 (one) spare 26.666 MVAR Single Phase Reactor, 400 kV GIS Bay at the Switchyard Extension Area and extension of existing 400 KV AIS Switch yard , including all spares & accessories for Ranganadi H.E. Plant (3x135MW), Arunachal Pradesh, India.
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PDF icon Corrigendum 3419.19 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 4658.09 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 5692.17 KB
2466/2021 NIT No: 09 of 2021-22/HCMW
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01/07/2021 Construction of RRM retaining wall for NRC ground near 132kV switchyard (Ch 0.00m near fire tank to Ch 30.00m towards plan IV).
2465/2021 NIT No: 08 of 2021-22/HCMW
PDF icon 010720210900-2465.pdf224.37 KB
01/07/2021 Construction of cement concrete road from gate near shiv mandir to SPT-C4 junction via IB & Health Centre inside dikrong power house colony hoz (Group-IV, ch 420.00m to ch 620.00m).