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  • What is RTI ?

    What Is The Right To Information Act ?

    The Right to Information Act, 2005 has been passed by Parliament and has received the assent of the President on 15 June 2005. The Act aims at providing for setting out the practical regime of the right to information for citizens to secure access to information under the control of public authorities, in order to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority.

    What does Right To Information mean ?

    It includes the right to -

    • Inspect works, documents, records.
    • Take notes, extracts or certified copies of documents or records.
    • Take certified samples of material.
    • Obtain information in form of printouts, diskettes, floppies, tapes, video cassettes or in any other electronic mode or through printouts

    North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Ltd, a Govt of India enterprise recognizes and endorses the Right To Information to provide access to the information which is held by or under the control of any public authority of the Corporation and to establish a practise of regular disclosure of documents and a transparency in the working environment.

  • How to apply ?

    How to Apply

    1. Introduction

    Any citizen of India who desires to obtain any information under the Right to Information Act, 2005 may make a request preferably in the application format in writing or through electronic means to the Public Information Officer/Assistant Public Information Officer.

    2. Application Fee

    In accordance to directives given in the Gazette notification issued by Deptt. of Personnel & Training, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Govt. of India, vide No.34012/8(s)/2005-Estt.(B) dated 16/09/2005 , the application for obtaining information under sub-section (1) of section 6 must be accompanied by prescribed application fee drawn in favour of NEEPCO Ltd. payable at Shillong. At present the application fee, which is subject to change from time to time, is as under:-

    Application fee Rs. 10/- (Rupees ten only)
    Mode of payment By cash against proper receipt or by demand draft/banker's cheque/Indian Postal Order.

    Persons who belong to BPL category are not required to pay any fee provided necessary documents are produced in support of their claim

    3. Additional Fee

    In case it is decided to provide the information, the Requester shall be informed of the additional fees required to be deposited by him/her for the information sought and information shall be furnished after the deposit of the fee by the Requester, as per the Act.

    In accordance to directives given in the above mentioned Gazette notification dated 16/09/2005 , for providing the information under sub-section (1) of Section 7, an additional fee shall be charged. At present, the applicable rates, which are subject to change from time to time, are given as under,:-

    a. For each page (in A-4 or A-3 size paper) created or copied Rs. 2/- per page
    b. For a copy in larger size paper Actual charge or cost price
    c. For samples or models Actual cost or price
    d. For inspection of records No fee for the first hour; and a fee of Rupees five for each fifteen minutes (or fraction thereof) thereafter

    Further, for providing the information under sub-section (5) of Section 7, the fee shall be charged at the following rates:-

    a. For information provided in diskette or floppy Rs. 50/-(Rupees fifty only) per diskette or floppy
    b. For information provided in printed form At the price fixed for such publication or Rs.2/- per page of photocopy for extracts from the publication

    The mode of payment of above mentioned additional fees shall be the same as application fee

    4. Appeal

    In case the Requester who does not receive a decision within the time specified in sub-section (1) or clause (a) of sub-section (3) of section 7, or is aggrieved by a decision of the PIO, as the case may be, may within thirty days from the expiry of such period from the receipt of such a decision, prefer an appeal to the Departmental Appellate Authority for redressal of the grievance.


  • About us

    About Us

    • Company Profile

      NEEPCO  has been a trusted power generation company  in the North Eastern region of India  and beyond since 1976, working closely with the Ministry of Power and the north eastern states to act in their best interest in tapping the enormous power potential of the region and the country.

      We pride ourselves with:

      • operating the largest Hydro Power Plant in N.E. Region of India
      • being the only CPSU having Hydro and Thermal Power Stations in operation
      • having exposure to construction & operation of Hydro projects in highly difficult and Geo-Technically sensitive terrain of N.E. Region.


      Incorporated in 1976 to plan, investigate, design, construct, generate, operate & maintain power stations in the North Eastern Region of India under the Ministry of Power, Government of India, NEEPCO is conferred with the Schedule A- Miniratna Category-I CPSE status and operates 7 hydro, 3 thermal and 1 solar power stations with a combined installed capacity of 2057 MW. NEEPCO commissioned its largest Hydro Project Kameng(600 MW) in the N.E. Region, Commercial operation of Unit-I (150MW) was declared w.e.f. 00:00 hours of 17.06.2020, Commercial operation of Unit-II (150 MW) was declared w.e.f. 00:00 hours of 01.07.2020, Commercial operation of Unit-III (150 MW) was declared w.e.f. 00:00 hrs of 22.01.2021 and Unit-IV was declared w.e.f. 00:00 hrs of 12.02.2021.


      With its Corporate Office located in  Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, NEEPCO  is equipped with a wealth of construction and operations experience and our human resource is  committed to  harness the huge power potential of the country with minimal impact on the environment .

    • Mission/Vision


      To be a leading integrated Electric Power Company of the country with a strong environment conscience.


      To harness the huge power potential of the country, from conventional and non-conventional sources, with minimal impact on the environment through a planned development of power generation projects by an integrated approach covering all aspects of investigation, planning, design construction, operation and maintenance of power projects, which in turn would effectively promote the development of the nation as a whole.

    • Objectives


      For fulfillment of its mission, NEEPCO has set the following objectives  commensurate with the aims, programmes and policies of the government evolved from time to time:

      • Development of Hydro/Thermal/Renewable Projects
      • To ensure optimum utilization of installed capacity so as to achieve maximum generation, optimum machine availability and high Plant Load Factor
      • To make full efforts in the realization of outstanding dues from the beneficiaries in order to bring down the sundry debts.
      • Adoption of improved technologies for power generation
      • To improve the Integrated Management System (ISO: 9001,ISO 14001 and ISO 45001) ISO Certification as on 07.09.2021
      • Preparation of DPRs for new schemes with emphasis on minimizing geological surprises
    • Corporate Office
      Corporate Office

      The Corporate Office of NEEPCO is located at a pleasant green area of Shillong, a charming city tucked away in the vibrant hills of North eastern India.The Office is set in the foothills of Laitumkhrah – Mawkhar plateau facing the Valley known as Pynthorumkhrah named after " Pynthor " (Paddy fields in Khasi ) and the river Umkhrah. that flows alongside.

      The complex overlooks a spread of residential colonies on one side and the State Sports Complex on the other. Given the relatively small area the complex adequately accomodates the Corporate Headquaters , Residential Quaters and adequate internal circulation as well as ample parking.

      The Human Resource of the Corporate Office consists of 580 employees from diverse communities thus giving the atmosphere a certain unique blend of cultures. The Corporate Office also boasts of a Library & Information Centre to cater to the intellectual needs of the employees.

    • Board of Directors
    • Memorandum of Association
  • Decision Making Process /Organisational Chart
  • Delegation of Power

    Delegation Of Power

    • CO - Corporate Office
    • HOP - Head of the Project not below the rank of DGM
    • HOD - Head of the Department not below the rank of DGM
    • Coordinator - Coordinator not below the rank of Manager
    • Head of S&I- Head of Survey & Investigation Unit not below the rank Units of Manager
  • Consultation With Public

    Consultation With Public

    The CSR-CD Scheme in force in the Corporation provides for constitution of Advisory Committees for planning, designing and implementation of CSR-CD programmes. Such Committees include representatives of Local Administration/Panchayat/NGO etc

  • Employee Information
  • Appellate Authority ,PIO, APIO

    Appellate Authority, PIO, APIO

    Name Shri Sanjib Dhar
    Designation Executive Director (Civil)
    Email sanjib_dhar[at]rediffmail[dot]com

    Quality Assurance and Inspection Wing
    North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Ltd.
    Brookland Compound , Lower New Colony,
    Shillong-793003, Meghalaya.

     Click here for a full list of CPIOs and Nodal Officer for different projects/offices of NEEPCO
  • Wages And Emoluments

    Wages And Emoluments

    Scale of Pay


    Revised Grade Code Revised Scales of Pay w.e.f. (01.01.2017) (in INR)

    30,000 - 3% - 1,20,000/-


    40,000 - 3% - 1,40,000/-


    50,000 - 3% - 1,60,000/-


    60,000 - 3% - 1,80,000/-


    70,000 - 3% - 2,00,000/-


    80,000 - 3% - 2,20,000/-


    90,000 - 3% - 2,40,000/-


    1,00,000 - 3% - 2,60,000/-


    1,20,000 - 3% - 2,80,000/-


    1,50,000 - 3% - 3,00,000/-


    Grade Code Revised Scales of Pay w.e.f. (01.01.2017) (in INR)







    Grade Revised Scales of Pay w.e.f. (01.01.2017) (in INR)













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  • Annual Reports
  • Budget & Expenses

    Budget & Expenses

  • Related Resources

    Related Resources

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  • Immovable Property Return
  • Document Listing
  • Monthly Disposal Report

    RTI - Monthly Disposal Report

    Monthly Disposal Report

    Month Opening Balance Received during months (including cases transferred from other public authorities ) No. of cases transferred to other public authorities   Decision where requests rejected No. of application in which information provided
    Year : 2021-2022
    Sep-2021 68 11 0 0 0
    Aug-2021 66 6 0 0 4
    Jul-2021 60 12 0 0 6
    Jun-2021 57 13 1 0 9
    May-2021 40 32 1 0 14
    Apr-2021 40 11 0 0 11
    Year : 2020-2021
    Mar-2021 47 7 0 0 14
    Feb-2021 40 12 0 0 5
    Jan-2021 37 5 0 0 2
    Dec-2020 34 5 0 0 2
    Nov-2020 33 11 0 0 10
    Oct-2020 33 10 0 0 10
    Sep-2020 30 12 1 0 8
    Aug-2020 30 8 0 0 8
    Jul-2020 44 9 1 0 22
    Jun-2020 36 8 0 0 0
    May-2020 25 11 0 0 0
    Apr-2020 22 3 0 0 0
    Year : 2019-2020
    Mar-2020 22 9 0 0 9
    Feb-2020 13 14 0 0 5
    Dec-2019 22 0 0 0 3
    Nov-2019 22 6 0 0 6
    Oct-2019 20 10 0 0 8
    Sep-2019 21 23 0 0 24
    Aug-2019 19 13 0 0 11
    Jul-2019 22 6 0 0 9
    Jun-2019 18 10 0 0 6
    May-2019 19 13 0 0 14
    Apr-2019 17 12 1 0 9
    Year : 2018-2019
    Mar-2019 14 6 0 0 3
    Feb-2019 13 6 0 0 5
    Jan-2019 14 8 0 0 9