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1137/2017 NIT 07/2015 - (271.35 KB) 26th Aug 2015 Supply of Electrical Material
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1136/2017 NIT 08/2015 - (336.51 KB) 26th Aug 2015 Supply of Electrical Luminaries
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1135/2017 NIT 09/2015 - (272.54 KB) 26th Aug 2015 HT Electrical Line Materials
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1134/2017 DNIT KHEP/C&P(E)/2015/237 - (123.75 KB) 26th Aug 2015 Repairing and Maintenance of Internal Electrification
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1133/2017 NIB 156 - (105.51 KB) 25th Aug 2015 Limited Tender for Renewal of Public Liability Insurance Policy
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1132/2017 NIQ 05/Sr M(E/M)/C&P/AGTPCC/2015-16 - (1.39 MB) 21st Dec 2015 Supply of Water supply and Sanitary fittings
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1131/2017 NIQ RHEP/US&W-04/2015-16 - (427.58 KB) 25th Aug 2015 Supply of Electrical Consumables
1130/2017 NIQ RHEP/US&W-05/2015-16 - (311.01 KB) 25th Aug 2015 Supply of different sizes of PVC cables
1129/2017 NIQ 06/Sr. M(E/M)/C&P/AGTPCC/2015-16 - (1021.29 KB) 22nd Dec 2015 Supply of RCC Spun pipe and RCC collars
1128/2017 NIT No.37 dated 21/08/2015 - (184.9 KB) 21st Aug 2015 Supply,Installation, testing and commissioning of CCTV cameras and surveillance system in TGBPP
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1127/2017 NIQ 07/Sr M(E/M)/C&P/AGTPCC/2015-16 - (1.03 MB) 23rd Dec 2015 Supply of GI pipes and fittings
1126/2017 NIT KHEP/C&P/2015/236 - (146.04 KB) 20th Aug 2015 Day to day maintenance including Annual Planned Maintenance of 4 x 50 MW Kopili Power Station and Associated Switchyard
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1125/2017 NIT NEEPCO/AGBP/PEM/15-16/01 - (1.52 MB) 19th Aug 2015 Supply of Trolley Items for AGBP
1124/2017 NIB AGBP/SFD/GBS-2/2015-16/03 - (445.67 KB) 17th Aug 2015 Design,fabrication,supply and installation of four working platforms with approach and ladder to Individual Fuel Filter System of each Waukesha Gas Engines
1123/2017 NIQ 08 - (167.97 KB) 29th Dec 2015 Supply of items of water fountain and its accessories for Agartala Gas Turbine Combine Cycle Power Plant
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1122/2017 NIT NO.KHEP/C&P(E)/2015/235 - (223.27 KB) 13th Aug 2015 Repairing of one no. of Bharat Bijlee make , 132/33 KV , 3 Phase, 5 MVA Transformer of 2X 25 MW Khandong Power Station at KHEP
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1121/2017 NIQ NO.RHEP/US&W-03/2015-16 - (105.65 KB) 13th Aug 2015 Supply of Steel Tubular Poles at RHEP
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1120/2017 NIT NEEPCO/ES/R/35(A)/2015-2016/04 - (77.95 KB) 29th Dec 2015 Procurement of Electrical Materials for NEEPCO Office Complex including NEEPCO Guest House,Shillong
1119/2017 NIB NO.155 - (152.28 KB) 12th Aug 2015 Consultancy for pre-Initial Public Offer (pre-IPO) advisory services for NEEPCO
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1118/2017 NIT NEEPCO/ES/R/35(A)/2015-2016/03 - (77.91 KB) 29th Dec 2015 Changing of Canopy Fibre roof sheet by Dyna roof sheet including wooden purlin,fixing of ply board and repair of RCC gutters of Main Corporate Office building,Shillong
1116/2017 NIQ RHEP/PH&SY(O&M)/03/15-16 - (256.11 KB) 11th Aug 2015 Supply of Industrial Consumables
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1115/2017 NIT 11/Sr M(E/M)/C&P/AGTCCPP/2015-16 - (812.5 KB) 02nd Jan 2016 Monthly maintenance work for maintenance of tuft area with broad leaf grass and around water body, R.C.C. waste stabilization Facultative tank and area between the bore well no 3 and sub station no 1 on the way to Guest House in the Colony Complex of AGTP
1114/2017 Tender Enquiry No.36 - (320.43 KB) 10th Aug 2015 Supply of electrical fittings/fixtures suitable for 230V, 50Hz for TGBPP
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1113/2017 NIT 10/Sr M(E/M)/C&P/AGTCCPP/2015-16 - (959.2 KB) 02nd Jan 2016 Monthly maintenance work for maintenance of tuft area of the Park between Children Park and Welfare centre and between Children Park/Second Park and NRC building in the Colony Complex of AGTP
1112/2017 NIB NO.12/AGTP/HOP - (233.09 KB) 05th Aug 2015 Carrying out Mandatory Energy Audit in respect of AGTP, Agartala
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1111/2017 NIQ 01/2016/IT/DHEP - (2.01 MB) 04th Jan 2016 Supply, installation, commissioning of CCTV camera at DHEP
1110/2017 NIT NO.86/DGM(C)/TGBPP/2015 - (571.11 KB) 01st Aug 2015 Architectural consultancy services including designing and estimation for construction of guest house and primary health center in TGBPP
1109/2017 NIT NO.42/2015-16/KHEP/C&P(C) - (158.06 KB) 31st Jul 2015 Housekeeping of Khandong Power Station, Stage-II Power Station and existing Field Hostel inside the Power Station premises
1108/2017 NIT AGBP/DGM(E/M)/F&S/2015-16/02 - (2.37 MB) 06th Jan 2016 Supply of a combined water cum Foam Tender for Assam Gas Based Power Plant.
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1107/2017 NIQ NO.TrHEP_05/2015 - (98.44 KB) 30th Jul 2015 Supply of GSBC/boulder as & when required by Tuirial Hydro Electric Project, NEEPCO Ltd. Mizoram
1106/2017 NIT No.KHEP/C&P/2015/234 - (198.61 KB) 30th Jul 2015 Day to day maintenance including Annual Planned Maintenance of 4x50 MW Kopili Power station at KHEP,Assam
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1105/2017 NIQ NO.11/AGTP/HOP - (742.97 KB) 29th Jul 2015 Supply of MS Pipe & Pipe Clamp for AGTP
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1104/2017 NIT NEEPCO/ED(RE)/WPP/AP&G/05 - (156.25 KB) 05th Jan 2016 Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract for 70 MW Wind Power Project at suitable site at one location in the states of Andhra Pradesh and/or Gujarat.
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1103/2017 NIT NO.85/DGM(C)/TGBPP/2015 - (578.6 KB) 28th Jul 2015 Pest and Rodent Control Management at STG Building of TGBPP
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1102/2017 NIT No. NEEPCO/ND-86/1134 - (137.3 KB) 28th Jul 2015 Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 100kva Voltage Stabilizer for North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Ltd, (NEEPCO), at New Delhi.
1101/2017 NIT NO.05/2015/GHY - (1.44 MB) 28th Jul 2015 Construction of Boundary Fencing around Automatic Weather Station (AWS) proposed to install at Doyang River Basin of Nagaland
1100/2017 NIB 179 - (183.83 KB) 05th Jan 2016 Supply of Consumables for Photocopier machine, Fax machine and Printer
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1099/2017 NIT NO.41/2015-16/KHEP/C&P(C) - (207.18 KB) 24th Jul 2015 Protection work at hill slope near outlet portal of Umrong Tunnel, KHEP
1098/2017 NIT NO.07/SRMC/AGTP/2015-16 - (448.15 KB) 24th Jul 2015 Maintenance of turf areas with broad leaf grass including flower/fruit bearing plants on the front side of Qtr.No A 16, A 17 & A 18 upto the boundary wall etc.
1097/2017 NIB NO.10/AGTP/HOP - (331.5 KB) 24th Jul 2015 Procurement of self cleaning Inlet Air Filter Elements for Air Intake System
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1096/2017 NIQ 15/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2015-16 - (148.8 KB) 06th Jan 2016 Supply, installation ,testing and commissioning of ductable Air Conditioner and its accessories for Agartala Gas Turbine Combine Cycle Power Plant
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1095/2017 NIQ NO.03/2015/IT/DHEP - (538.02 KB) 22nd Jul 2015 Supply of IT Consumable
1094/2017 NIQ 14/NEEPCO/AGTPCC/C&P/2015-16 - (147.43 KB) 06th Jan 2016 Supply of Water Hydrant Hose pipe (RRL Hose and its couplings) for Agartala Gas Turbine Combine Cycle Power Plant
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1093/2017 NIB NO.154 - (60.32 KB) 22nd Jul 2015 Limited tender for Providing Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
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1092/2017 NIT NO.40/2015-16/KHEP/C&P(C) - (225.81 KB) 22nd Jul 2015 Housekeeping of Kopili Power Station alongwith field hostel etc.
1091/2017 NIT No.12/Sr.M(E &M)/C&P/AGTCCPP/2015-16 - (1017.73 KB) 06th Jan 2016 New lawn development work and its monthly maintenance thereof.
1090/2017 NIT NO.39/2015-16/KHEP/C&P(C) - (226.52 KB) 21st Jul 2015 Maintenance of PRC cum Botanical Garden, Nursery, different parks etc. at KHEP
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1089/2017 NIB No 152 - (140.18 KB) 20th Jul 2015 Construction of HOP Residence(1 Block) at Doyang Hydro Electric Plant, Doyang, Nagaland
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1088/2017 NIB 12 - (223.42 KB) 08th Jan 2016 Supply of 32mm dia TMT Bars for Tuirial H.E. Project