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2011/2019 NIT No. 24/AGTCCPP/C&P/2019-20
PDF icon 110920191100-2011.pdf274.04 KB
09/09/2019 Flooring of the car shed by the side of ADM building and Internal painting and distempering of the toilet near Electrical office in the ADM Bldg at NEEPCO Ltd, AGTCCPP, R.C.Nagar, Tripura(W).
2025/2019 NIB No. AGBP/CWC/30
PDF icon 250920191000-2025.pdf1.35 MB
06/09/2019 Procurement of Paints and Hardware materials for Building Maintenance works of AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd., Bokuloni, Dist. Dibrugarh, Assam.
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2010/2019 NIT No.23/AGTCCPP/C&P/2019-20
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06/09/2019 Supply of Stone aggregate for Switchyard of NEEPCO Ltd., Agartala Gas Turbine Combine Cycle Power Plant, Ramchandra Nagar , Agartala, Tripura (W).
2009/2019 NIB NO. 19/IT
PDF icon 060920190100-2009.pdf417.68 KB
05/09/2019 2-years Maintenance Contract of IP Video Surveillance System (IPVSS) at Corporate Office, Shillong.
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2008/2019 NIB No. AGBP/CWC/29
PDF icon 050920191000-2008.pdf3 MB
04/09/2019 Construction of Garage for C-Type Quarters at Colony area of AGBP, NEEPCO, Bokuloni, Dist. Dibrugarh, Assam.
2004/2019 NIT No. 22/AGTCCPP/C&P/2019-20
PDF icon 020920191100-2004.pdf275.53 KB
30/08/2019 Supply, delivery of Electro Pneumatic Smart Position Controller for the existing equipment in service of NEEPCO, AGTCCPP, Ramchandranagar, Tripura(W).
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2003/2019 NIT No. RHEP/C&P/01/19-20
PDF icon 300820190900-2003.pdf404 KB
30/08/2019 Supply of Feeder Pillar Panel for Ranganadi H.E. Plant, NEEPCO, Arunachal Pradesh.
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2006/2019 NIT No. RHEP/GM/07/2019-20
PDF icon 020920190900-2006.pdf881.36 KB
29/08/2019 Construction of retaining wall along with HP Culvert right bank approach road to downstream of Dam, RHEP, 41 Km, Yazali, A.P.
2002/2019 NIQ NO. TrHEP- 10/2019
PDF icon 300820191200-2002.pdf767.37 KB
28/08/2019 Supply of Electro/ Mechanical consumables to Tuirial Hydro Electric Project, NEEPCO, Mizoram.
2000/2019 NIB No. 04/19/TGBPP
PDF icon 280820192001-2000.pdf808.06 KB
27/08/2019 Supply, transportation to site, Transit Insurance for spares for IA/PA system for 101 MW Tripura Gas Based Power Project (TGBPP).
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1999/2019 NIB No. AGBP/ST&AUX/19-20/04
PDF icon 280820191000-1999.pdf982.56 KB
27/08/2019 Remnant Life Assessment Study of 06 Nos. of HRSGs as per provision of Indian Boiler Regulatory Act 1950 and subsequent amendment regulation.
2001/2019 NIB No.01/CORD/GHY
PDF icon 300820190200-2001.pdf1.93 MB
26/08/2019 Work contract for providing manpower towards running and maintenance including housekeeping of NEEPCO Transit Camp located at Mazgaon (Near Science Academy), P.O. Nikamul (Tezpur), Dist. Sonitpur, Assam - 784001.
1995/2019 NIT No. TrHEP-09/2019
PDF icon 270820191200-1995.pdf326.19 KB
26/08/2019 Construction of Prefabricated Building at the Roof top of existing Permanent Administrative Building at Tuirial Hydro Electric Project, Mizoram.
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1994/2019 NIB No. AGBP/CWC/28
PDF icon 270820191000-1994.pdf2.81 MB
26/08/2019 Procurement of G.I. Pipe and Fittings for laying of Delivery Line from Newly Proposed Deep Tube Well to Rapid Sand Gravity Filter of Permanent Water Supply Scheme of AGBP, NEEPCO LTD., Bokuloni, Dist. Dibrugarh, Assam.
1998/2019 NIT No. AGBP/CWC/27
PDF icon 270820191000-1998.pdf851.12 KB
24/08/2019 Cleaning of Silt / Mud from the Desilting Basin & Providing, fitting & fixing of G.I. Pipe Railing including painting of Degasser Tower etc.
1992/2019 NIB NO. 18/IT
PDF icon 210820190100-1992.pdf230.88 KB
21/08/2019 Technical Support and Maintenance of Primavera Project Management Software (P6) for two (02) years w.e.f 21st Oct 2019.
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1991/2019 NIB NO. AGBP/CWC/27
PDF icon 200820191000-1991.pdf2.99 MB
20/08/2019 Construction of Civil Foundation for Sulphuric Acid Dosing System of AGBP, NEEPCO, Bokuloni, Dist. Dibrugarh, Assam.
1997/2019 NIT No. RHEP/GM/03/2019-20
PDF icon 270820190900-1997.pdf876.28 KB
19/08/2019 Construction of boundary fencing at right bank Dam Site, 41Km, RHEP, Yazali, A.P. Ch. 70.00 to 141.00 M (GROUP-II).
1996/2019 NIT No. RHEP/GM/02/2019-20
PDF icon 270820190900-1996.pdf866.14 KB
19/08/2019 Construction of boundary fencing at right bank Dam Site, 41Km, RHEP, Yazali, A.P. Ch. 0.00 to 70.00 M (GROUP-I).
1990/2019 NIB No. 330/HQ
PDF icon 140820190100-1990.pdf8.56 MB
14/08/2019 Rehabilitation of Penstock-II (Partly Underground and Partly Overground) of Kameng Hydro Electric Project (600MW) located at Kimi, Arunachal Pradesh, India using a combination of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP).
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1989/2019 NIB No. AGBP/CWC/26
PDF icon 140820191000-1989.pdf3 MB
13/08/2019 Construction of Class Room at Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya (VKV), AGBP, NEEPCO, Bokuloni, Dist. Dibrugarh, Assam.
1988/2019 NIT NO. AGBP/CWC/25
PDF icon 090820191000-1988.pdf1.73 MB
09/08/2019 Repairing of Chain-Link Fencing and A-Type Quarter at AGBP, Dist. Dibrugarh.
1987/2019 NIB No. TrHEP-01/2019
PDF icon 090820191200-1987.pdf258.97 KB
09/08/2019 Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of CCTV IP Camera, Video Surveillance System and accessories at Tuirial Power Plant, NEEPCO Ltd., Tuirial, Mizoram.
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1986/2019 NIT No. KHEP/C&P/2019-20/338
PDF icon 090820190700-1986.pdf2.08 MB
09/08/2019 Dismantling & re-construction of adit plugging at adit-III of the Umrong water conductor system of Kopili Power station, KHEP, Umrangso.
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1985/2019 NIB No. AGBP/CWC/24
PDF icon 060820191000-1985.pdf3.01 MB
06/08/2019 Repairing of Security wall (inside) from Ch. 0.00M to Ch. 2028.87M around the Plant area of AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd., Bokuloni, Dist. Dibrugarh, Assam.
1983/2019 NIT NO. KHEP/C&P/2019-20/337
PDF icon 050820190700-1983.pdf759 KB
05/08/2019 Annual Sanitary Maintenance works in the Umrongso Permanent Colony, 5th KM Colony, Khandong Dam site Quarters and Kopili Power House Site for 01 (One) Year at KHEP, NEEPCO Ltd.
1984/2019 NIT NO. TrHEP- 08/2019
PDF icon 060820192000-1984.pdf220.06 KB
03/08/2019 Bids are invited from reputed experienced consultant / engineers / laboratory for quarterly testing / monitoring of air / water quality at assigned locations of Tuirial Hydro Electric Project / Plant, NEEPCO, Mizoram.
1982/2019 NIT No. 21/AGTCCPP/C&P/2019-20
PDF icon 050820191100-1982.pdf274.21 KB
03/08/2019 Rectification of water seepage problem from wall of Hospital Building at AGTCCPP, NEEPCO Ltd., Ramchandranagar, Agartala - 799008, Tripura(W).
1981/2019 NIT NO. PHEP/DGM(C)/PH&ID/2019-20/04
PDF icon 020820192000-1981.pdf1.78 MB
31/07/2019 Construction of Permanent B-Type building of one block having four units and one septic tank at Power House Site, PHEP, Sopo, (Building No B-04), Arunachal Pradesh.
1980/2019 NIB No. AGBP/CWC/23
PDF icon 010820191000-1980.pdf3.14 MB
31/07/2019 Repairing of A-Type Quarter No. A-41(A) and Providing of RCC Chajja at the Top of Roof including Soil Pipe with W/C, Drain, Plinth Protection, Outside Painting, Roof painting of A-41 Building of AGBP, NEEPCO, Bokuloni, Dist. Dibrugarh, Assam.
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1979/2019 NIB No. AGBP/CWC/22
PDF icon 300720191000-1979.pdf3.19 MB
30/07/2019 Providing fitting and fixing of Tiles at Latrine cum Bathroom of C-Type Quarters of AGBP Colony Complex, AGBP, NEEPCO, Bokuloni, Dist. Dibrugarh, Assam.
1971/2019 NIT No.20/AGTCCPP/C&P/2019-20
PDF icon 250720191100-1971.pdf290.99 KB
24/07/2019 Supply of 1(one) number of Brand New Maruti Eeco AC conforming to the latest version Bharat Stage IV or, higher on hire basis to the AGTCCPP, NEEPCO Ltd.
1970/2019 NIB No. AGBP/CWC/20
PDF icon 230720191000-1970.pdf3.04 MB
22/07/2019 Construction of Civil Foundation for Sulphuric Acid Dosing System of AGBP, NEEPCO, Bokuloni, Dist. Dibrugarh, Assam.
1972/2019 NIT No. 19/AGTCCPP/C&P/2019-20
PDF icon 250720191100-1972.pdf248.4 KB
20/07/2019 Supply, Design, Engineering, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Dry Radiator Cooler for Frame V Gas Turbine having Mark Vie Controls of NEEPCO, AGTCCPP, Ramchandra Nagar , Agartala, Tripura (W).
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1966/2019 NIB No. 326/HQ
PDF icon 160720190100-1966.pdf2.5 MB
16/07/2019 Limited Tender for "Renewal of Insurance Policy for the Assets of Agartala Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant, Ramchandra Nagar, Tripura (West) for a period of one year".
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1977/2019 NIT No. 18/AGTCCPP/C&P/2019-20
PDF icon 290720191100-1977.pdf1.81 MB
12/07/2019 Construction of a Car Shed in front of Hospital Building of NEEPCO Ltd, AGTCCPP, R.C.Nagar, Tripura(W).
PDF icon Corrigendum 1231.06 KB
1976/2019 NIT No. 17/AGTCCPP/C&P/2019-20
PDF icon 290720191100-1976.pdf1.24 MB
10/07/2019 Supply, Delivery, Transportation and Transit Insurance of water supply and sanitary fittings at NEEPCO Ltd, AGTCCPP, R.C.Nagar, Tripura(W).
1969/2019 NIB No.NEEPCO/ND-27/362
PDF icon 190720190300-1969.pdf765.17 KB
09/07/2019 Tender for House- Keeping Services for NEEPCO Transit Camp at F-18, Hauz Khaz Enclave, New Delhi.
1963/2019 NIT No.16/AGTCCPP/C&P/2019-20
PDF icon 090720191100-1963.pdf1.16 MB
09/07/2019 Construction of a Toilet at Central Store of NEEPCO Ltd., AGTCCPP, R.C. Nagar, Tripura (W).
1962/2019 NIQ No. SHG-01/2019
PDF icon 090720190100-1962.pdf342.91 KB
09/07/2019 Quotations are invited from the reputed & experienced firms for photography for a period of One (1) year for NEEPCO Corporate Office, Shillong.
1964/2019 NIB No. AGBP/CWC/19
PDF icon 100720191000-1964.pdf3.28 MB
08/07/2019 Providing, fitting and fixing of CGI Sheet Roofing including Aluminum Sheet Gutter at MM Wing, Plant area of AGBP, NEEPCO, Bokuloni, Dist. Dibrugarh, Assam.
1960/2019 NIT No.KHEP/C&P/2019-20/335
PDF icon 080720190700-1960.pdf397.79 KB
08/07/2019 Supply of 1 no. new P.N. White WINGER AMBULANCE 32 WB HR AC BS IV to Kopili Hydro Electric Plant, NEEPCO Ltd. Umrongso.
1959/2019 NIT NO.TrHEP-07/2019
PDF icon 080720191200-1959.pdf329.67 KB
08/07/2019 Supply of the different types of papers for photocopiers & computer printers for a period of one year to Tuirial Hydro Electric Project/ Plant, NEEPCO, Mizoram.
1975/2019 NIT No. 15/AGTCCPP/C&P/2019-20
PDF icon 290720191100-1975.pdf295.16 KB
05/07/2019 Annual Maintenance of Blue Star and Heir Make ductable AC machine at various locations of NEEPCO, AGTCCPP, Ramchandra Nagar, Agartala, Tripura (W).
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1974/2019 NIT No. 14/AGTCCPP/C&P/2019-20
PDF icon 290720191100-1974.pdf274.03 KB
04/07/2019 Flooring of the car shed by the side of ADM building and Internal painting and distempering of the toilet near Electrical office in the ADM Bldg at NEEPCO Ltd, AGTCCPP, R.C.Nagar, Tripura(W).
1961/2019 NIT No13/AGTCCPP/C&P/2019-20
PDF icon 090720191100-1961.pdf235.78 KB
02/07/2019 Supply of LT Aluminium Armoured Power Cable for 135 MW Agartala Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant at Ramchandranagar, Agartala - 799008, Tripura(W).
1958/2019 NIQ No. AGBP/CWC/03
PDF icon 020720191000-1958.pdf1.37 MB
01/07/2019 Supply of Stone Aggregates (Stone Chips) for Building maintenance Works of AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd., Bokuloni, Dist. Dibrugarh.
1993/2019 NIT No. KHEP/C&P(E)/2019/334
PDF icon 230820190700-1993.pdf65.43 KB
27/06/2019 Supply and Delivery of Consumables items required for day to day maintenance of Khandong Power Station at Kopili Hydro Electric Plant, Umrongso, Dima Hasao, Assam.
1951/2019 NIT No.AGBP/ST&AUX/19-20/03
PDF icon 240620191000-1951.pdf80.94 KB
24/06/2019 Procurement of FRVE Blower, complete with motor and mounting skid from manufacturers and authorized dealers or authorized distributors.
1952/2019 NIT No.KHEP/C&P/2019/333
PDF icon 270620190700-1952.pdf719.67 KB
21/06/2019 Supply, Delivery, Installation & Commissioning of LAN at Kopili and Khandong Power Stations at Kopili Hydro Electric Plant, NEEPCO Ltd., Umrongso, Dima Hasao, Assam-788931.
PDF icon Corrigendum 1284.91 KB