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2251/2020 NIB No. NEEPCO/AGBP/CWC/07
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10/09/2020 Construction of Shed for keeping of Flower Plant, Ornamental Plant, Flower Tub and Saplings at Nursery of AGBP Colony, Complex, NEEPCO Bokuloni, Dist: Dibrugarh Assam.
2249/2020 NIT No. NEEPCO/AGBP/CWC/06
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03/09/2020 1). Repairing and Painting of Security Watch Tower at Plant area of AGBP NEEPCO, Bokuloni, Dist. Dibrugarh, Assam. 2). Providing of Tiles, Granite etc. at Quarter No.B-21(A) & (B), B-30 (B), B-31(A), A-10(A) and A-8(C) at Colony area of of AGBP NEEPCO, Bokuloni, Dist. Dibrugarh, Assam.
2248/2020 LNIB No.370
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31/08/2020 Detailed Design and Engineering, Manufacture, Testing at Works, Despatch, Inland Transportation including Freight and Insurance, Delivery to Project Site, Comprehensive Insurance for taking care of eventualities till Handing Over of the Plant/ Work, Storage and Preservation of all Equipment at any intermediate locations, Supervision of Complete Assembly, Erection, Testing and Commissioning at site of all Electro-Mechanical Equipment to be installed in the Power House of Kopili H.E. Plant (4x50MW), Assam, India, including Training of Purchaser's Personnel in Design, Engineering, Operation and Maintenance of Plant.
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2254/2020 e-NIT No.37/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2020-2021
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29/08/2020 “Construction of shed for bass duct of GT-2,3,4 of GT power house of AGTCCPP,NEEPCO Ltd, Ramchandra Nagar , Agartala, Tripura (W) “.
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2247/2020 e-NIT No. 36/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2020-2021
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28/08/2020 “Construction of Apron in front of Mechanical Store near Plant Gate of AGTCCPP,NEEPCO Ltd, Ramchandra Nagar , Agartala, Tripura (W) “.
2245/2020 NIT No. NEEPCO/AGBP/U&WC/2020-21/2
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28/08/2020 Supply of the materials and related erection works as shown in Ann-A in AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd. P.O. Bokuloni Chariali, Dist Dibrugarh, Assam pin- 788191.For detailed tender please visit website https://etenders. gov.in
2241/2020 NIT NO. TrHEP-05/2020
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13/08/2020 Supplying of (1). Single Cabin Pickup (4X4) with Power Steering -1 no. Mahindra Camper, (2). TATA Star Bus:24 Seater-1 no.at Tuirial Hydro Electric Project, NEEPCO, Mizoram.
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2237/2020 NIB No.22
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12/08/2020 The North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Limited (NEEPCO), a Public Sector Enterprise under the Ministry of Power, Government of India invites Single-Stage Two Envelope Bids through online bidding system from eligible bidders for Maintenance Contract of UPS System for a period of 2 (two) years.
2239/2020 NIT No.35/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2020-21
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11/08/2020 The NORTH EASTERN ELECTRIC POWER LIMITED, AGTCCPP intends to invite Online Sealed bids (Single-Stage Two-Envelope) with 180 (One Hundred Eighty) days validity are invited from Manufacturer/ Authorized Dealers / Franchise for supply of Siemens make Protection Relays for 135 MW Agartala Gas Turbine Combine Cycle Power Plant, NEEPCO Ltd. Agartala Tripura(West).
2236/2020 e-NIT No. 34/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2020-2021
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11/08/2020 “Construction of Ramp with steel railings in NRC & Security Office and railing in Admin Office at AGTCCPP, NEEPCO Ltd, Ramchandra Nagar , Agartala, Tripura (W) “.
2234/2020 NIB No. AGBP/CWC/05
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07/08/2020 Repairing of B-Type Quarter No. B-40(A) at Colony area of AGBP, NEEPCO, Boku;loni, Dist. Dibrugarh, Assam.
2235/2020 NIT No.33/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2020-2021
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06/08/2020 Supply, installation and commissioning of “ Generator Transformer Differential Protection Relay” at NEEPCO Ltd. Agartala Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant (AGTCCPP) compatible with existing system“. Make GE (Formerly ALSTOM).
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2233/2020 NIB NO.21
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06/08/2020 Technical Support of INGRES Relational Database management System (RDBMS) in NEEPCO Ltd for one (01) year.
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2232/2020 NIB NO.AGBP/CWC/04 2020-21
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03/08/2020 Repairing of "A" Type Quarter No.A-12(B), A-37 (A) and Providing CGI Sheet Roof covering on "D" Part of Quarter No. A-12 (D) at Colony area of AGBP, NEEPCO, Bokuloni,DIST. Dibrugarh, Assam.
2243/2020 NIT No. KHEP/2020/365
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24/07/2020 Design, Manufacturing, Testing, Supply & Delivery of Different Sizes Control Cables Required For 4X50 MW Kopili Power Station of Kopili Hydro Electric Plang, NEEPCO Ltd, Umrangso. Assam.
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2231/2020 NIT No.32/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2020-21
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23/07/2020 Running the existing Canteens in Administrative Block and Power House Building of NEEPCO, AGTCCPP, Ramchandranagar, Agartala- 799008
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2244/2020 NIT No. KHEP/2020/364
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22/07/2020 "Design, Manufacturing Supply, Delivery & Commissioning at Site for 2(two) set of 145 KV, SF6 Circuit Breaker For Kopili Stage-II Power Station At Kopili Hydro Electric Plant".
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2228/2020 NIT No.AGBP/SFC/O&M-13/2020-21/20
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22/07/2020 Complete supply of materials (Outdoor Unit,indoor unit,mechanical and electrical accessories), installation,erection and commissioning of 5(five) nos of (8 Ton capacity each) floor standing tower air conditioner(AC) for Central Control Room (CCR), at AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd, Bokuloni, Assam
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2230/2020 NIT No.31/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2020-21
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21/07/2020 “Assistance works in Control and Instrumentation Maintenance/Electrical Works for 4X21 MW GE make Gas Turbine and 2x 25.5 MW Siemens Make Steam Turbine with HRSG of Thermax for NEEPCO, AGTCCPP, Ramchandra Nagar , Agartala, Tripura (W)” for 1(One) year.
2227/2020 NIQ No.TrHEP-04/2020
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21/07/2020 Supply of Cooler Tubes for LGB and UGB of turbine along with expander tools to Tuirial Hydro Electric Project, NEEPCO Ltd, Mizoram
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2226/2020 NIT No.AGBP/ST&AUX/2020-221/15
PDF icon 210720201000-2226.pdf1.37 MB
20/07/2020 Supply of various valves at AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd, Bokuloni, Dibrugarh, Assam
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2250/2020 NO: KHEP/2020/361
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17/07/2020 Manufacturing , Supply & Delivery Of 15 T Capacity , Escort Make , FourCylinder ,Water Cooled, Mobile Hydra Crane To Kopili Hydro Electric Plant, NEEPCO Ltd, Umrongso Assam.
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2229/2020 NIT No.RHEP/C&P/20 /2020-21
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17/07/2020 Maintenance of Radial & Stop log gates, HRT Intake gate & Gantry Crane along with all ancillary and auxiliary equipments installed at Diversion Dam of Ranganadi Hydro Electric Plant, Arunachal Pradesh
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2224/2020 NIT No.KHEP/C&P/2020/360
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13/07/2020 Disposal of obsolete items/vehicles under Workshop wing of Kopili Hydro Electric Plant, NEEPCO Ltd, Umrongso, Dima Hasao , Assam
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2240/2020 NIT No.KHEP/C&P/2020/359
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11/07/2020 North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Ltd. (NEEPCO), a Public Sector Enterprise under the Ministry of Power, Government of India for “Supply and Delivery of Consumable Electrical materials required for Utility & Workshop at Kopili Hydro Electric Plant, NEEPCO Ltd, Umrongso, Dima Hasao, Assam-788931”.
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2221/2020 NIB No.364/HQ
PDF icon 110720200100-2221.pdf1.76 MB
11/07/2020 Industrial all risk(IAR) insurance policy for the assets of Doyang Hydro Electric Plant(75MW), NEEPCO Ltd, Nagaland
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2223/2020 NIT No.KHEP/C&P/2020/358
PDF icon 140720200700-2223.pdf381.89 KB
08/07/2020 Supply, Delivery, Demonstration/Testing of one number Offline Overhead Distribution Line Fault Locator and Analyzer at Kopili Hydro Electric Plant, NEEPCO Ltd, Umrongso, Dima Hasao, Assam-788931
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2220/2020 NIQ NO.TrHEP-03/2020
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06/07/2020 Supply of E/M Consumables to Tuirial Hydro Electric Project, NEEPCO, Mizoram.
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2219/2020 NIT No. 30/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2020-2021
PDF icon 030720201100-2219.pdf2.06 MB
02/07/2020 "Construction of RCC drain for transport of waste water from DM Plant to the proposed Reservoir area under Phase-1 of Zero Liquid discharge scheme at AGTCCFPP, NEEPCO Ltd, Ramchandra Nagar, Agartala, Tripura (W)".
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2218/2020 NIT No. KHEP/C&P/2020-21/356
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01/07/2020 Repairing of Qtr.No.D-12(B) & D-06(B) including fitting & fixing Tiles at bathrooms & Kitchens, KHEP,NEEPCO Ltd. Umrongso.
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2214/2020 NIT No.29 /NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2020-21
PDF icon 010720201100-2214.pdf1.94 MB
01/07/2020 Repairing including replacement of CGI sheet roofing of main store building at AGTCCPP, NEEPCo Ltd,Agartala, Tripura
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2213/2020 NIT No.KHEP/C&P/2020-21/355
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30/06/2020 Construction of water tank for main guest house in the permanent colony, KHEP,NEEPCO Ltd, Umrongso, Dima Hasao, Assam
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2212/2020 NIT No. 2020-21/AGBP/CWC/02
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22/06/2020 1. Repairing and Painting of Chlorination Plant Building of AGBP, NEEPCO, Bokuloni, Dist Dibrugarh, Assam.2. (A) Providing Brick Wall for making Store Room to keep POL Drums below Staircase area of GT Building (GT # 5)site. (B) Making approach road for crossing of fire water pipe line at fire water pump house. (c) Providing fitting, fixing of Glass Window at chlorination plant Building wall. (d) Making Slab over cable trench at switchard area. (e) Providing Chequered Plate near ODG panel at CCR "O" meter Switch Gear Room. (f) Providing Gratings over cable trencha t the back side of MCC Panels of CW Modules of GTG # 5 & 6 and (g) Providing chequered plate for 6.6 kv ODC transformer & laying PVC Pipe near Hydro-pneumatic tank of fire water pump house at plant area of AGBP, NEEPCO, Bokuloni, Dist Dibrugarh, Assam.
2211/2020 NIQ No.TrHEP-02/2020
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22/06/2020 Supply of Spares to Tuirial Hydro Electric Project, NEEPCO, Mizoram
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2208/2020 NIT NO.AGBP/CWC/01/2020-2021
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19/06/2020 Cleaning of Silt/mud from Desilting Basin#2 of Raw water reservoir at Plant Area of AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd,Bokuloni, Assam
2207/2020 e-NIT No.NEEPCO/AGBP/MMW/2020-21/02
PDF icon 170620201000-2207.pdf531.76 KB
17/06/2020 Disposal of used lube oil and metallic empty barrels at AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd, Bokuloni, Assam
2204/2020 NIT No.28 /NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2020-21
PDF icon 050620201100-2204.pdf1.92 MB
02/06/2020 “supply of Siemens make 132 KV Double Break Isolator for NEEPCO, 135 MW Agartala Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant, Ramchandranagar, Tripura(W)”.
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2203/2020 NIT No.27/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2020-21
PDF icon 010620201100-2203.pdf1.12 MB
30/05/2020 “Sweeping Mopping of the Administrative Building and Security Office of 135 MW Agartala Gas Turbine Combine Cycle Plant, Ramchandranagar, Tripura(W), Pin 799008”
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2202/2020 NEEPCO/AGBP/U&WC/2020-21/01
PDF icon 300520201000-2202.pdf421.97 KB
30/05/2020 Sale of condemned school bus at AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd, Bokuloni,Assam
2201/2020 NIT No.26/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2020-2021
PDF icon 280520201100-2201.pdf1.04 MB
27/05/2020 “Laying and Spreading of Stone aggregate in proper level at Switchyard of AGTCCPP, NEEPCO Ltd, Ramchandra Nagar,Tripura(West).”
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2198/2020 NIT No.25/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2020-2021
PDF icon 270520201100-2198.pdf1.05 MB
26/05/2020 Supply of 20 HP Submersible Pump (BEE : 5 Star Rating ) as per specified make and Model for Agartala Gas Turbine Combine Cycle Power Plant, NEEPCO Ltd. Agartala, Tripura(West).
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2197/2020 NIB No.359
PDF icon 210520200100-2197.pdf2.23 MB
21/05/2020 Limited Tender for undertaking Industrial All Risk (IAR) Insurance Policy for the Assets of MW Solar PV Power Plant, Monarchak, Tripura for a period of 1(one) year W.e.f. 00:00:00 Hours of 26.06.2020 - Request for Participation.
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PDF icon Cancellation Notice358.29 KB
2196/2020 NIT No.24 /NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2020-21
PDF icon 210520201100-2196.pdf1.21 MB
21/05/2020 “Operation and Maintenance of the DM Plant, Chlorination System and Chemical Dosing System for 135 MW Agartala Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant (AGTCPP), Ramchandranagar, Agartala,Tripura(W)” for 1(one) year.
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2195/2020 NIT No.23/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2020-21
PDF icon 190520201100-2195.pdf1.09 MB
18/05/2020 Supply of 1(one) number of Brand New School Bus, Make SML School bus (20+1), Model : GDYLMID04002318WV26S BS VI D or equivalent conforming to the latest version Bharat Stage VI or, higher & fitted with speed governor with maximum speed limit of 40kph and having commercial license on hire basis to the AGTCCPP, NEEPCO Ltd.
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2193/2020 NIT No.22/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2020-2021
PDF icon 180520201100-2193.pdf1.26 MB
16/05/2020 Annual Maintenance of Blue Star and Heir Make ductable AC machine at various locations of NEEPCO, AGTCCPP, Ramchandra Nagar , Agartala, Tripura (W)
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2192/2020 NIB No.AGBP/CWC/73
PDF icon 180520201000-2192.pdf2.99 MB
16/05/2020 Extension of shed for storage of hazardous material behind MM wing at Plant area of AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd, Bokuloni, Assam
2194/2020 NIT No.21/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2020-2021
PDF icon 180520201100-2194.pdf1.11 MB
15/05/2020 Maintenance of lawn including entire garden features in front of DG Room and workshop building of Power House Complex of AGTCCPP, NEEPCO Ltd
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2190/2020 NIT No:04 /2020-21/HCMW
PDF icon 150520200900-2190.pdf266.22 KB
15/05/2020 Renovation of permanent A-type quarters (PA-1, PA-2 & PA-3) at dikrong power house hoz, RHEP, A.P.
2191/2020 NIT No.20/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2020-21
PDF icon 150520201100-2191.pdf1.11 MB
14/05/2020 Maintenance of lawn including entire garden features around bank building and adjacent area to garage near Admin building of AGTCCPP, NEEPCO Ltd
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2187/2020 NIT No.18/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2020-21
PDF icon 130520201100-2187.pdf1.11 MB
13/05/2020 Maintenance of lawn including entire garden features near main entrance gate and along the boundary wall upto Security barrack at Admin building of AGTCCPP, NEEPCO Ltd.
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