आखिरी अपडेट: 23/03/2020

क्रमांक निविदा संख्या निविदा दिनांक संक्षिप्त सूचना बोली निविदाएं शुद्धिपत्र विस्तृत बोली दस्तावेज
122/2017 NIQ No.108/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP
PDF icon niq220620171100-122.pdf1.16 MB
31/03/2017 Supply of one(01) number Maruti Eeco 5 STR: Bharat Stage -IV Complaint
121/2017 NIQ No.107/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP
PDF icon niq220620171100-121.pdf1.16 MB
31/03/2017 Supply of one(01) number Tata indica V2: Bharat Stage -IV Complaint
120/2017 NIT No.106/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP
PDF icon nit220620171100-120.pdf1.16 MB
31/03/2017 Supply of one(01) number Mahindra Bolereo Pick up: Bharat Stage -IV Complaint
118/2017 NIT No.105/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP
PDF icon nit220620171100-118.pdf1.18 MB
31/03/2017 Tata Sumo Gold: Bharat Stage-IV Complaint
126/2017 NIT No.11/16-17/RHEP
PDF icon nit220620170900-126.pdf228.49 KB
30/03/2017 Supply & Installation of High Voltage Insulating Mats for Dikrong power House, Ranganadi H.E. Plant, NEEPCO, Hoz, Arunachal Pradesh
PDF icon Corrigendum 1256.49 KB
127/2017 NIT No.104/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP
PDF icon nit220620171100-127.pdf1.11 MB
29/03/2017 Supply of one(01) number Mahindra Bolereo DI: Bharat Stage -IV Complaint
133/2017 NIQ No.NEEPCO/ND-103/1330A
PDF icon niq220620170100-133.pdf853.15 KB
24/03/2017 Quotations for Comprehensive annual Maintenance contract for Air conditioners- Windows/Split Type
132/2017 NIT No.68/KHEP/2016-17
PDF icon nit220620170700-132.pdf182.52 KB
24/03/2017 Repairing of KSS Road from Chainage 4.200 Km to 4.355 Km at KHEP, Umrongso, Assam
PDF icon Corrigendum 175.58 KB
131/2017 NIT No.67/KHEP/2016-17
PDF icon nit220620170700-131.pdf183.91 KB
24/03/2017 Repairing of KSS Road from Chainage 4.100Km to 4.200 Km at KHEP, Umrongso, Assam
PDF icon Corrigendum 171.32 KB
130/2017 NIT No.66/KHEP/2016-17
PDF icon nit220620170700-130.pdf180.48 KB
24/03/2017 Repairing of KSS Road from Chainage 4.00Km to 4.100 Km at KHEP, Umrongso, Assam
PDF icon Corrigendum 163.32 KB
129/2017 NIT No.01/DHEP
PDF icon nit220620170800-129.pdf1.1 MB
24/03/2017 Supply, Transportation, Transit Insurance of Electrical Materials at DHEP, Doyang, NEEPCO Ltd.
128/2017 NIB No.232/IT
PDF icon nib220620170100-128.pdf977.85 KB
24/03/2017 Supply & delivery of Kaspersky Antivirus Licenses ( Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business- Select)
PDF icon Corrigendum 1289.08 KB
134/2017 NIT No.RHEP/DGM/16/2016-17
PDF icon nit220620170900-134.pdf843.15 KB
23/03/2017 Civil Maintenance Work at DAM & Intake Site, RHEP, 43Km, Yazali, A.P.
136/2017 NIT No.21/RHEP/HCMW
PDF icon nit220620170900-136.pdf179.11 KB
22/03/2017 Construction of Steel truss shed for safe storage of Turbine Runner at Hoz, Power House colony, RHEP, A.P.
135/2017 NIB No.06/AGBP/ASSAM/16-17
PDF icon nib220620171000-135.pdf1.02 MB
22/03/2017 Repairing of Industrial gas storage godown(Gr-I) and Replacement of Corroded steel chequrred plate(Gr-II)
137/2017 NIT No.65/2016-17/KHEP
PDF icon nit220620170700-137.pdf156.45 KB
21/03/2017 Construction of Bio-degradable and Non-biodegradable dustbin at KHEP.
141/2017 NIT No.KHEP/C&P/2017/268
PDF icon nit230620170700-141.pdf330.28 KB
17/03/2017 Supply,Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Inverter Technology Based VRF type air conditioning (MITSUBISHI /SAMSUNG /DAIKIN) with all accessories PIPING?S etc. required for 4 X 50 MW KHEP
PDF icon Corrigendum 1178.18 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 2175.48 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 3175.56 KB
139/2017 NIT No.KHEP/C&P(E)/2017/269
PDF icon nit230620170700-139.pdf208.7 KB
17/03/2017 Supply of Hydraulic T&P for Khandong Power Station (Details of items enclosed at Annexure A) of KHEP, Umrongso,
PDF icon Corrigendum 167.08 KB
138/2017 NIT No.20/RHEP/2016-17
PDF icon nit220620170900-138.pdf208.7 KB
17/03/2017 Replacement of CGI Sheet Roofing of Blower Room & Painting of inside wall with Distemper at Dikrong Power House-Hoj, A.P.
140/2017 NIB No.08/GHY
PDF icon nib230620170100-140.pdf100.6 KB
16/03/2017 Renovation of dining hall at 3rd floor of NEEPCO Guest House, Guwahati
PDF icon Corrigendum 1119 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 2411.18 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 3118.97 KB
144/2017 NIT No.124/TGBPP
PDF icon nit230620172001-144.pdf2.31 MB
08/03/2017 Laying of Tiles at pave way to STG building, staircase area and construction of reinforced concrete pavement near STG building at TGBPP
PDF icon Corrigendum 1292.32 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 2788.3 KB
142/2017 NIB No.103/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP
PDF icon nib230620171100-142.pdf1.19 MB
08/03/2017 Supply of branded Soda Ash (for dosing purpose) as required for AGTCCPP, NEEPCO Ltd.
145/2017 NIT No.102/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP
PDF icon nit230620171100-145.pdf1.16 MB
07/03/2017 Supply, transportation, transit insurance and delivery of dosing chemicals at AGTCCPP.
147/2017 NIB No.AGBP/CWC/05
PDF icon nib230620171000-147.pdf2.37 MB
02/03/2017 Construction of toilet including septic tank at CRPF CAMP, AGBP
PDF icon Corrigendum 1334.23 KB
146/2017 NIT No.03/AGBP
PDF icon nit230620171000-146.pdf390.15 KB
02/03/2017 Up-gradation of existing AVR to DAVR(Digital AVR) for brushless excitation system
148/2017 NIQ No.AGBP/CWC/02
PDF icon niq230620171000-148.pdf1.8 MB
28/02/2017 Supply of hardware materials for day to day Maintenance works of AGBP
PDF icon Corrigendum 1376.67 KB
149/2017 NIT No.101/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2016-17
PDF icon nit230620171100-149.pdf2 MB
27/02/2017 Supply of Floodlights(for playground) as per specified make and model for AGTCCPP, NEEPCO Ltd., Agartala
150/2017 NIT No.19/RHEP
PDF icon nit230620170900-150.pdf179.19 KB
22/02/2017 Construction of CC road inside the permanent colony from Ch: 130.00m to Ch:250.30m at Hoz, RHEP, A.P.
152/2017 NIQ NO.100/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2016-17
PDF icon niq230620171100-152.pdf986.48 KB
21/02/2017 Old Gasket for selling on 'As is Where is Basis' and 'No Complaint Basis'
151/2017 NIB No.230
PDF icon nib230620170700-151.pdf2.05 MB
21/02/2017 Renewal of Insurance Policy of the Assets of Kopili Power House including 1st Stage Extension,KHEP
154/2017 NIB NO.229
PDF icon nib230620170100-154.pdf1.81 MB
20/02/2017 Renewal of Insurance Policy for the Assets of NEEPCO Head Quarter Complex, Lower New Colony, Shillong, Meghalaya
153/2017 NIB NO.228
PDF icon nib230620170300-153.pdf1.78 MB
20/02/2017 Renewal of Insurance Policy for the Assets of NEEPCO Coordination Office, 15NBCC Tower, UG Floor, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi
155/2017 NIB No.AGBP/CWC/03
PDF icon nib230620171000-155.pdf2.38 MB
18/02/2017 Repairing of A-type Quarter No. A-28(B), A-40(C) & A-46(C) at AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd.
PDF icon Corrigendum 1382.61 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 2337.47 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 3395.57 KB
156/2017 NIT No.18/RHEP
PDF icon nit230620170900-156.pdf181.3 KB
14/02/2017 Construction of CC road inside the permanent colony from Ch: 00.00m to Ch: 130.00m at Hoz, RHEP, A.P.
158/2017 NIB No.07/NEEPCO/GHY
PDF icon nib230620170200-158.pdf99.31 KB
13/02/2017 Construction of Rain water harvesting system at NEEPCO Office and Guest House, Guwahati
159/2017 NIB No.226
PDF icon nib230620170100-159.pdf356.88 KB
09/02/2017 Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Testing at manufacturers works before dispatch, supply, transportation, transit insurance, delivery at project site, supervision of erection & commissioning
PDF icon Corrigendum 127.49 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 2225.36 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 326.6 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 426.22 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 5274.99 KB
160/2017 NIT No.121/DGM(C)/TGBPP/2017
PDF icon nit230620172001-160.pdf2.38 MB
09/02/2017 Construction and Erection of Sliding gate at main approach to Power House at TGBPP, NEEPCO, Monarchak, Tripura
163/2017 NIT NO.RHEP/DGM/15/2016-17
PDF icon nit230620170900-163.pdf122.75 KB
07/02/2017 Repairing and black topping of Dam site road from ch. 2.000 to ch.2.210 Km (0.00 Km chainage at main security gate of Dam), RHEP (Group-IX)
162/2017 NIT NO.RHEP/DGM/13/2016-17
PDF icon nit230620170900-162.pdf116.9 KB
07/02/2017 Repairing and black topping of Dam site road from ch. 2.210 to ch.2.440 Km (0.00 Km chainage at main security gate of Dam), RHEP (Group-X).
161/2017 NIT NO.RHEP/DGM/12/2016-17
PDF icon nit230620170900-161.pdf116.89 KB
07/02/2017 Repairing and black topping of Dam site road from ch. 1.740 to ch.2.000 Km (0.00 Km chainage at main security gate of Dam), RHEP (Group-VIII).
165/2017 NIT No.10/RHEP
PDF icon nit230620170900-165.pdf228.81 KB
06/02/2017 Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of IP Video Surveillance System of Ranganadi H.E. Plant
PDF icon Corrigendum 1236.15 KB
164/2017 NIT No.98/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2016-17
PDF icon nit230620171100-164.pdf2.8 MB
06/02/2017 Construction of Stock Yard inside the Store Complex of AGTCCPP, NEEPCO Ltd., Agartala
169/2017 NIT No.120/DGM(C)/TGBPP/2016-17
PDF icon nit230620172001-169.pdf2.15 MB
02/02/2017 Renovation of existing pond on the north side of main avenue road culvert for harnessing rain water as well as to facilitate pisci culture at TGBPP.
PDF icon Corrigendum 1417.57 KB
168/2017 NIB No.225
PDF icon nib230620171000-168.pdf1.79 MB
02/02/2017 Renewal of Insurance Policy for the Assets of Assam Gas Based Power Plant(291MW), Bokuloni, Assam
167/2017 NIB No.224
PDF icon nib230620170700-167.pdf1.79 MB
02/02/2017 Renewal of Insurance policy for the Assets of Kopili Hydro Electric Plant, Stage-II, Umrongso
166/2017 NIT NO.97/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2016-17
PDF icon nit230620171100-166.pdf2.47 MB
02/02/2017 Construction of a car shed back to A-38 and A-39 in AGTCCPP residential complex, R.C. Nagar, Tripura(W).
172/2017 NIT No.64/2016-17/KHEP/C&P(C)
PDF icon nit230620170700-172.pdf711.89 KB
01/02/2017 Protection work in hill slope at outlet portal of Umrong Tunnel near Kopili Valve House, KHEP, Umrongso Dima Hasao, Assam.
171/2017 NIT NO.96/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2016-17
PDF icon nit230620171100-171.pdf1.11 MB
01/02/2017 Exterior painting of Pump House etc.
170/2017 NIT NO.95/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2016-17
PDF icon nit230620171100-170.pdf1.04 MB
01/02/2017 Exterior painting of the GT Power House building
173/2017 NIT No.94/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2016-17
PDF icon nit230620171100-173.pdf2.32 MB
31/01/2017 Exterior painting of the GT Power house building towards west & south side, AGTCCPP, NEEPCO Ltd.