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क्रमांक निविदा संख्या निविदा दिनांक संक्षिप्त सूचना बोली निविदाएं शुद्धिपत्र विस्तृत बोली दस्तावेज
1431/2018 NIB No.258/HQ
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21/11/2017 Supply, laying of OFC at Doyang Hydro Electric Plant(DHEP), Wokha, Nagaland
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1430/2017 NIT No.39/AGBP
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21/11/2017 Repairing of drain, apron and foot path at C type Qtr, painting of medical building and repairing of B-type Qtr No.B-27(B) of AGBP colony.
1429/2018 NIB No.01/IC&A/HQ
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17/11/2017 Evaluation of Internal Financial Control for the financial year 2017 - 2018 and impact assessment thereof based on the Corporation's adopted Risk Assessment Control Matrix
1428/2017 NIQ No.AGBP/CWC/06
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17/11/2017 Supply of sanitary fittings for maintenance of sanitary works at colony and plant area of AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd.
1427/2017 NIT No.RHEP/DGM/13/2017-18
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16/11/2017 Fitting and fixing of floor tiles at sitting room of NEEPCO. IB, 43Km, RHEP. Yazali.
1426/2017 NIT No.RHEP/DGM/14/2017-18
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16/11/2017 Fitting and fixing of floor tiles at sitting room of faculty in VKV, NEEPCO. RHEP. Yazali.
1425/2017 NEEPCO/AGBP/C&I/2017-18/ NIQ-04
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15/11/2017 Supply of Chlorine Gas leakage Detection system
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1424/2017 NIB No.16/GHY
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15/11/2017 Post constructional Anti-Termite treatment of NEEPCO Bhawan and Guest House Building, Guwahati
1423/2017 NIT No.RHEP/DGM/12/2017-18
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14/11/2017 Fitting and fixing of floor tiles at VIP rooms and other rooms at NEEPCO IB, 43 Km. colony, RHEP
1422/2017 NIB No.257/HQ
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13/11/2017 Outside weather shield Painting of Corporate Office buildings, NEEPCO, Shillong.
1421/2017 NIT No.AGBP/CWC/36
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10/11/2017 Renovation of Assam Police Home Guard Barrack No.2 for office of the workers Union of AGBP
1420/2017 NIT No.AGBP/CWC/37
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10/11/2017 Renovation of Assam police Home Guard Barrack No.3 for office of employee's Union of AGBP.
1419/2017 NIT No.AGBP/CWC/38
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10/11/2017 Renovation of Assam police Home Guard Barrack No.4 for office of employee's Union of AGBP.
1418/2017 NIT No.38/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2017-18
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10/11/2017 6.6 kV Panel Protection Relay up-gradation thereof in the existing Switchgear Room at NEEPCO Ltd. Agartala Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant (AGTCCPP) compatible with existing system
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1417/2017 NIT No.39/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2017-18
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10/11/2017 48 Volt,200 Ah Plante Type Lead Acid Stationary Battery Bank consisting of 24 Nos. of Cells, MS Stand, IRIT, Acid and maintenance accessories as per IS:1652-2013 (Latest Rev.) as per IS:1652-2013 (Latest Rev.)
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1415/2017 NIQ No. NEEPCO/ND-27/134
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08/11/2017 House- Keeping Services for NEEPCO Transit Camp at F-18, HauzKhaz Enclave, New Delhi
1414/2017 NIB No.17/GHY 07/11/2017 Hiring of brand new 1 no Mahindra Scorpio ( Model :S8 BS4) Vehicle on monthly basis with 90 (Ninety) days validity from the date of opening of the Bid
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1413/2017 NIT No.AGBP/CWC/35
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07/11/2017 Construction of welding shed adjacent to workshop building at plant area of AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd.
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1412/2017 NIT NO.TrHEP-03/2017
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03/11/2017 Double Cabin Pickup (4X4)-1no Mahindra Camper/Tata
1411/2017 NIB 03/GHY
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03/11/2017 Disposal of old, used materials and equipments on "As is where is basis" lying at Lanka Store Complex, NEEPCO Ltd, Lanka
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1410/2018 NIB 255/HQ
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03/11/2017 Limited tender for Renewal of Insurance Policy for the Assets of Tripura Gas Based Power Plant
1409/2018 NIB No.254/HQ
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03/11/2017 Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Cummins Make 750KVA DG Set for 600 MW Kameng Hydro Electric Project located at Kimi, Arunachal Pradesh
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1408/2017 NIT NO.46
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02/11/2017 Supply of bulk Chemicals for DM Plant and PT Plant of TGBPP
1407/2017 NIT NO.81/2017-18/KHEP/C&P(C)
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02/11/2017 Construction of boulder crates breast wall
1406/2017 NIT NO.001/2017-18/KHEP/C&P
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01/11/2017 Supply of Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve along with Power Pack for 2 x 25 MW Khandong Power Station
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1405/2017 NIT NO.45/TGBPP/E&M/C&P-09/2017-18
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01/11/2017 Supply of Nuts, Bolts and Studs to TGBPP
1404/2017 NIT NO.80/2017-18/KHEP/C&P(C)
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01/11/2017 Annual Maintenance of Sludge clearance at Permanent Water Treatment Plant
1403/2017 NIT NO.RHEP/DGM/10/2017-18
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31/10/2017 Fitting and fixing of floor tiles at dining room & verandah
1402/2017 NIT NO.RHEP/DGM/11/2017-18
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31/10/2017 Providing and fixing of Zink Alluminium alloy coated roofing sheet over the staffroom and other adjoining rooms in VKV, 43 km colony, RHEP
1401/2017 NIT NO.135/DGM(C)/TGBP/2017-18
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31/10/2017 Construction of Staff Hostel for Operation and Maintenance Staff of Power House
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1400/2017 NIT 34
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30/10/2017 Painting of container to store lube oil at plant area of AGBP, construction of car parking sheds in front of quarters A-49 to A-53 of AGBP colony and repairing of B type quarter.
1399/2017 NIT AGBP/CWC/33
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27/10/2017 Painting of buildings under GBS premises and construction of oil handling shed with collection tank near GBS of AGBP
1398/2017 NIB No.14/GHY
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24/10/2017 Construction of a Boundary Wall along with Iron Gates around the Plot No. 1 of NEEPCO at Ward No. 2 at Railway Station Road, Tezpur, Assam.
1397/2017 NIB No.15/GHY
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24/10/2017 Construction of a Boundary Wall along with Iron Gates around the Plot No. 2 of NEEPCO at Ward No. 2 at Cotton Road, Tezpur, Assam including dismantling of existing structures.
1396/2017 NIT No.44/TGBPP
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24/10/2017 Operation/Maintenance of fire tender of TGBPP, NEEPCO Ltd.
1395/2017 NIT No.AGBP/CWC/28
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18/10/2017 Repairing of approach road from BDT road to newly acquired land of AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd., Bokuloni, Assam
1394/2017 NIB No.253/HQ
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18/10/2017 Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Inspection, testing, Supply and Installation & Commissioning of 02(two) numbers of elevators at KaHEP and Annual maintenance Contarct
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1393/2017 NIT No.26/2017-18/RHEP
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16/10/2017 Supply of XLPE Power Cables for Ranganadi H.E. Plant, Dist Lower Subansiri, Arunachal Pradesh.
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1392/2017 NIB No.06/HQ
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13/10/2017 Annual Maintenance Contract of SAN system (IBM System Storage EXP5000, IBM System Storage Controller DS5100, Cisco MDS 9124 Multilayer Fabric Switch)
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1391/2017 NIT No.79/2017-18/KHEP/C&P
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13/10/2017 Construction of Spillway Gate Control Room at Khandong Dam, Kopili H. E. Plant, NEEPCO, Umrongso, Dima Ilasao, Assam.
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1390/2017 NIB No.02/GHY/2017
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13/10/2017 Auction for Disposal of old / used three No?s Gas Engines of Gas Booster Station on As is where is basis lying at AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd., P. O. Bokuloni Chariali, Dist: Dibrugarh, Assam.
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1389/2017 NIT No.37/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2017-18
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12/10/2017 Up-gradation of existing AVR(ALSTOM make EUROREC) to DAVR(Digital AVR) for brushless static excitation system for four units of GTG at NEEPCO Ltd, AGTCCPP.
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1388/2017 NIT No.134/DGM(C)/TGBP/2017-18
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12/10/2017 Construction of Security Barrack near the existing Barrack at TGBPP, Monarchak, Tripura
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1387/2017 NIT No.RHEP/DGM/05/2017-18
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11/10/2017 Fitting and fixing of floor tiles at VIP rooms and other rooms at NEEPCO IB, 43 Km. colony, RHEP
1386/2017 NIT No.RHEP/DGM/06/2017-18
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11/10/2017 Construction of boundary fencing at reservoir area of right bank 43 km near Kali mandir (Porahjo), RHEP. Yazali, A.P
1385/2017 NIT No.RHEP/DGM/07/2017-18
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11/10/2017 Construction of boundary fencing at reservoir area of right bank 43 km near DPH (Touw), RHEP. Yazali, A.P.
1384/2017 NIT No.RHEP/DGM/08/2017-18
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11/10/2017 Construction of boundary fencing at Dam site near downstream wing wall, right bank, RHEP, 41 km, Yazali, A.P.
312/2017 NIT NO.09/2012-13/TrHEP
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09/10/2017 Supply of materials
1383/2017 NIT No.36/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2017-18/
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03/10/2017 Maintenance of Mexican doob grass turfed area in front of administrative building, road side berm upto hospital building gate of AGTCCPP, NEEPCO Ltd.
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307/2017 EOI NO.01/JV
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26/09/2017 Expression of Interest in Joint Venture (JV) with NEEPCO.
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