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क्रमांक निविदा संख्या निविदा दिनांक संक्षिप्त सूचना बोली निविदाएं शुद्धिपत्र विस्तृत बोली दस्तावेज
1377/2017 NIT No.KHEP/2017/282
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23/09/2017 Supply of 2(Two) nos. new Tata Sumo-Gold (Ex BS-III) to Kopili Hydro Electric Plant, NEEPCO Ltd. Umrongso
1376/2017 NIT No.34/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2017-18/
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23/09/2017 Maintenance of the turfed area outside the main entrance gate and inside the main entrance gate in the area to the store office building of AGTCCPP, NEEPCO Ltd.
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1375/2017 NIT No.KHEP/C&P/2017/283
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23/09/2017 Supply, fabrication, fitting & fixing of cradle guard with G.I. wire in 33 KV PS-I, PS-II and 11 KV line from Umrongso to Khandong Dam site Kopili Hydro Electric Plant, Umrongso.
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1374/2017 NIT No.02/2017-18/AGBP
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23/09/2017 Providing of one number 42 seater school bus manufactured by reputed automobile company on Monthly hire basis to AGBP, Assam
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1373/2017 NIT No.78/2017-18/KHEP/C&P(C) 22/09/2017 Gardening, Planting of Ornamental Plants and cleaning of hospital premises of Kopili Hospital at KIIEP,Umrongso.
1371/2017 NIT No.KHEP/ C&P / 2017/ 281
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21/09/2017 Supply of Power House Materials to Kopili Power Station , NEEPCO Ltd. Umrongso , Dima Hasao ,Assam
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1370/2017 NIB No.AGBP/CWC/25
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21/09/2017 Construction of public toilet at Bhadoi Panchali, Dibrugarh, Assam
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1369/2017 NIB No.AGBP/CWC/26
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21/09/2017 Construction of periphery road along backside of switchyard connecting with Ring road at junction point of Mitsubishi camp and plant maintenance building, AGBP.
1368/2017 NIB No.33/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2017-18
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20/09/2017 Supply of 15000 numbers of Student's exercise notebook of size 29.70cm X21.00cm with 56GSM paper and customized title cover and having 100 pages for AGTCCPP.
1367/2017 NIT No.KHEP/C&P/2017/280
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20/09/2017 Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Shop Assembling and Shop Testing, Supply, Delivery, Installation & Commissioning of 1 No. ? 132/33 KV, 3- phase, 5 MVA Transformer? at Kopili Power Station, KHEP, NEEPCO Ltd. , Umrongso , Dima Hasao, Assam
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1366/2017 NIB No.32/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2017-18
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16/09/2017 Maintenance of turfed area on these sides of car garage of AGTCCPP, NEEPCO Ltd.
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1365/2017 NIB No.AGBP/CWC/24/2017
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16/09/2017 Extension of balcony(backside) of B-Type qtr No.B-06 to B-10, AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd.
1364/2017 NIQ No.02/2017/IT/DHEP
PDF icon 121220170800-1364.pdf3.07 MB
13/09/2017 Supply, installation and commissioning of the 18 nos PC and 11 nos Printer at DHEP, NEEPCO Ltd.
1360/2017 NIT No.129/DGM(C)/TGBPP/2017-18
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13/09/2017 Providing assistance in repair & maintenance service/work related to water supply, plumbing and carpentry and masonry works pertaining to residential and non residential buildings at TGBPP
1359/2017 NIT No.HR/03/TGBPP
PDF icon 150920172001-1359.pdf1.44 MB
13/09/2017 Hiring of a brand new Hyundai make X-cent-S(S) A.C Petrol car with power steering for TGBPP, NEEPCO Ltd.
1357/2017 NIT No.132/DGM(C)/TGBP/2017-18
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11/09/2017 Construction of ladies toilets at Uttar Monarchak S.B School, Sonamura
1356/2017 NIB No.AGBP/CWC/22/2017
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11/09/2017 Extension of balcony(backside) of Type-B Qtr. No.B-11 to B-18,AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd.
1355/2017 NIT No.133/DGM(C)/TGBPP
PDF icon 150920172001-1355.pdf2.72 MB
11/09/2017 Construction of a Cycle stand at Sonamura Girls H.S School
1354/2017 NIT No.HR/02/TGBPP
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09/09/2017 Hiring a new TATA Star bus(24+1) seater BS IV(Diesel Version) with power steering at TGBPP, NEEPCO Ltd.
1343/2017 NIT No.01/TGBP/1010-1012
PDF icon 150920172001-1343.pdf18.29 MB
09/09/2017 Providing manpower supply and Services in the work of house keeping, garden maintenance and care taker services at TGBPP
1353/2017 NIT No.31/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2017-18
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07/09/2017 Maintenance of turfed area with broad leaf grass including flower/fruit bearing plants at AGTCCPP, NEEPCO Ltd.
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1352/2017 NIT No.AGBP/CWC/21
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07/09/2017 Construction of a public toilet at Bokuloni Chariali, Dibrugarh, Assam
1351/2017 NIT No.AGBP/CWC/20
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07/09/2017 Construction of Toilet and Renovation of Bihutoli chariali, Dibrigarh, Assam
1350/2017 NILT No.02/AGBP
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06/09/2017 Permanent Electrical Wiring & electrification of newly renovated Qtr. No. A-61(ABCD) of AGBP, Bokuloni.
1349/2017 NILT No.03/AGBP
PDF icon 150920171000-1349.pdf815.89 KB
06/09/2017 Permanent Electrical Wiring & electrification of newly renovated Qtr. No. A-62(ABCD) of AGBP, Bokuloni.
1348/2017 NILT No.04/AGBP
PDF icon 150920171000-1348.pdf810.59 KB
06/09/2017 Permanent Electrical Wiring & electrification of newly renovated Qtr. No. A-51(ABCD) of AGBP, Bokuloni.
1347/2017 NILT No.05/AGBP
PDF icon 150920171000-1347.pdf813.52 KB
06/09/2017 Permanent Electrical Wiring & electrification of newly renovated Qtr. No. A-67(ABCD) of AGBP, Bokuloni.
1346/2017 NIT No.43/TGBPP
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06/09/2017 Providing electrical utility services in non-plant areas of TGBPP, NEEPCO Ltd.
1345/2017 NIT No.AGBP/CWC/19
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05/09/2017 Construction of class room for Ushapur H E School at Ushapur, Dibrugarh, Assam
1344/2017 NIT No.130/DGM(C)/TGBP/2017-18
PDF icon 150920172001-1344.pdf2.91 MB
05/09/2017 Construction of platform for hoisting Socio-cultural programme & extension of car shed near Administrative building at TGBP
1341/2017 NIB No.AGBP/CWC/18
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04/09/2017 Providing GSB,WBM and carpeting of road along 11 kv Intake line/raw water pipe line across Gariabam Village upto Bridge site, AGBP
1340/2017 NIT No.NEEPCO/AGBP/ST&AUX/01
PDF icon 150920171000-1340.pdf67.49 KB
31/08/2017 Supply of IBR pipe and IBR pipe fittings at AGBP, Assam
1382/2017 NIQ No.AGBP/CWC/04
PDF icon 121220171000-1382.pdf1.46 MB
26/08/2017 Supply of water supply fittings for day to day Maintenance works of AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd.
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1339/2017 NIB No.KHEP/2017/279
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26/08/2017 Supply of one number new TATA make(24+1) seater star bus at KHEP, Umrongso
1338/2017 NIT No.17/AGBP
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24/08/2017 Repair and renovation of toilet of MMW and ceiling of CWC(Gr-I), Renovation of toilet adjacent conference room(Gr-II),Repairing of A-type quarter(Gr-III) at AGBP.
1337/2017 NIT No.KHEP/C&P/2017/278
PDF icon 040920170700-1337.pdf409.76 KB
23/08/2017 Design, Manufacturing , Testing , Supply and Delivery of Stainless Steel Super Duplex Wire Wound Cooler Tubes required for BHEL make 25 MW Hydro Turbine Generator Units of Khandong and Kopili Stage-II, Umrongso , Dima Hasao, Assam
1336/2017 NIQ No.30/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2017-18
PDF icon 040920171100-1336.pdf1.13 MB
21/08/2017 Running and Maintenance of 5000GPH capacity water treatment plant located at Administrative Building of AGTCCPP.
1335/2017 NIQ No.29/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2017-18
PDF icon 040920171100-1335.pdf1.14 MB
18/08/2017 Running and Maintenance of 11000GPH capacity water treatment plant located at Colony Complex of AGTCCPP.
PDF icon Addendum322.83 KB
1333/2017 NIT No.125/DGM(C)/TGBP/2017-18
PDF icon 040920172001-1333.pdf2.02 MB
16/08/2017 Development and Maintenance of Landscaping & Horticultural works at TGBP campus, NEEPCO Ltd.
1668/2018 NIQ No.28/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2017-18
PDF icon 020720181100-1668.pdf2.13 MB
14/08/2017 Sweeping and mopping of the DM plant building along with cleaning work of DM complex of AGTCCPP
PDF icon Cancellation Notice230.08 KB
1330/2017 NIT NO.27/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2017-18
PDF icon 040920170100-1330.pdf2.26 MB
11/08/2017 Sweeping and moping of Pump House Floor etc.
PDF icon Cancellation Notice252.18 KB
1329/2017 NIT NO.26/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2017-18\NIT-26
PDF icon 040920171000-1329.pdf310.45 KB
10/08/2017 Annual Maintenance Contract for Computers & Printers
1328/2017 NIT NO.25/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2017-18
PDF icon 040920171100-1328.pdf2.14 MB
10/08/2017 Supply and mopping of Welfare Centre etc
PDF icon Cancellation Notice243.4 KB
1327/2017 NIT NO.24
PDF icon 040920170100-1327.pdf749.71 KB
10/08/2017 Supply of Water Mist Fire Tender Unit in TATA Xenon Vehicle complete with Hose Pipe, Auxiliary etc to Ranganadi H.E. Plant, Arunachal Pradesh
1326/2017 NIT NO.25/2017-18
PDF icon 040920170100-1326.pdf920.41 KB
10/08/2017 Supply of Industrial Consumables for Dikrong Power House, Ranganadi H.E. Plant, Arunachal Pradesh
1325/2017 NIT NO.23/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2017-18
PDF icon 040920171100-1325.pdf2.08 MB
09/08/2017 Sweeping and mopping of the Administrative Building and Security Office at AGTCCPP
PDF icon Cancellation Notice227.26 KB
1324/2017 NIT NO.24/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2017-18
PDF icon 040920171100-1324.pdf2.12 MB
09/08/2017 Sweeping, mopping and beautification of the Hospital Building of AGTCCPP
PDF icon Cancellation Notice689.69 KB
1322/2017 NIT NO. 77/2017-18/KHEP/C&P
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09/08/2017 Supply, fabrication, cutting, removal and replacement of old and damaged Steel plates of both the penstocks of Khandong water conductor system with new BQ Plates, Kopili H.E. plant, NEEPCO, Umrongso, Dima Hasao, Assam.
PDF icon Corrigendum 1175.47 KB
1332/2017 NIT No.28/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2017-18
PDF icon 040920171000-1332.pdf2.13 MB
08/08/2017 Sweeping and mopping of the DM plant building along with cleaning work of DM complex of AGTCCPP
1323/2017 NIT NO.23/2017-18
PDF icon 040920170100-1323.pdf405.38 KB
08/08/2017 Supply of 145 KV Single Phase Centre Rotating Isolator & 145 KV Current Transformer for Dikrong Power House, Hoz of Ranganadi H.E. Plant, Dist Lower Subansiri, Arunachal Pradesh