आखिरी अपडेट: 15/10/2019

क्रमांक निविदा संख्या निविदा दिनांक संक्षिप्त सूचना बोली निविदाएं शुद्धिपत्र विस्तृत बोली दस्तावेज
1936/2019 NIT No.NEEPCO/AGBP/MMW/2019-20/02
PDF icon 300520191000-1936.pdf526.28 KB
30/05/2019 Disposal of Used Lube Oil and Metallic Empty Barrels on “As is where is basis” lying at AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd., P.O. Bokuloni Chariali, Dist. Dibrugarh, Assam, Pin - 786 191.
1935/2019 NIT No.AGBP/ST&AUX/10-20/02
PDF icon 300520191000-1935.pdf520.59 KB
30/05/2019 Procurement of sulphuric acid from reputed suppliers/dealers/manufactures/firms having past experience of executing similar nature of supply.
1933/2019 NIT No.AGBP/CWC/14
PDF icon 280520191000-1933.pdf1.06 MB
27/05/2019 Supplying fitting and fixing window glass at S.T, G.T and C.C.R building at Plant Area AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd, Bokuloni, Assam
1932/2019 NIT No. 151/DGM(C)/TGBP/2019-20
PDF icon 270520192001-1932.pdf2.36 MB
25/05/2019 Construction of Shed for the Fire Tender along-with an RCC room at Plant area of TGBPP, NEEPCO Ltd., Sonamura, Monarchak, Tripura.
1930/2019 NIT No. AGBP/CWC/13
PDF icon 270520191000-1930.pdf1.04 MB
25/05/2019 Renovation and Extension of Security Reception Counter at plant area gate AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd., Bokuloni, Dist.: Dibrugarh, Assam.
1931/2019 NIT No. 150/DGM(C)/TGBP/2019-20
PDF icon 270520192001-1931.pdf2.29 MB
24/05/2019 Construction of Foundation for Bulk Acid Storage Tank at DM Plant, TGBPP, NEEPCO Ltd., Monarchak, Sonamura, Tripura.
1928/2019 NIT No. 11/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2019-20
PDF icon 240520191100-1928.pdf244.1 KB
24/05/2019 Tender for refilling of fire extinguishers and supply of spares for Agartala Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant, NEEPCO Ltd. R.C.Nagar.
1927/2019 NIT NO AGBP/ST&AUX/19-20/01
PDF icon 210520191000-1927.pdf1.34 MB
18/05/2019 Procurement of Mild Steel Rubber Lined pipes & fittings for Assam Gas Based Power Plant, NEEPCO Ltd., Bokuloni Chariali, Dist: Dibrugarh, Assam.
1926/2019 NIT No. AGBP/CWC/12/
PDF icon 160520191000-1926.pdf2.66 MB
15/05/2019 Installation of Deep Tube Well (Size 250mm X 250mm) Rotary Drilling Rig System including casting pipes, strainer (Ribbed screen pipe) and other required materials at AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd., Bokuloni, Dist.: Dibrugarh, Assam.
1925/2019 NIT No. AGBP/CWC/11/
PDF icon 130520191000-1925.pdf2.67 MB
10/05/2019 Development of Approach road to Training Center, Car shed and newly renovated office building at plant area AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd., Bokuloni, Dist.: Dibrugarh, Assam.
1922/2019 NIT No.10/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2019-20
PDF icon 080520191100-1922.pdf226.96 KB
06/05/2019 Supply of Dual Media Filter(DMF) materials for DM plant of NEEPCO Ltd., Agartala Gas Turbine Combine Cycle Power Plant, Ramchandra Nagar, Agartala, Tripura (W).
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2005/2019 NIT No. RHEP/DGM/78/2019-20
PDF icon 020920190900-2005.pdf121.06 KB
03/05/2019 Construction of Toe-wall along the recently repaired stretch of Pitapool Dam site road from Ch. 0.782 Km to 0.812 Km, RHEP (Group-VII).
1924/2019 NIT No.RHEP/DGM/78/2019-20
PDF icon 130520190900-1924.pdf121.06 KB
03/05/2019 Construction of Toe-wall along the recently repaired stretch of Pitapool Dam site road from Ch. 0.782 Km to 0.812 Km, RHEP (Group-VII).
1921/2019 NIT No.KHEP/C&P/2019/327
PDF icon 030520190700-1921.pdf1.77 MB
03/05/2019 Repairing/reconditioning, Installation & commissioning of 5 MVA, 132/33 KV, 3-phase station service transformer installed at Khangdong power station, KHEP, NEEPCO Ltd, Umrongso, Assam
1917/2019 NIT No.09/NEEPCO /AGTCCPP /C&P /2019-20
PDF icon 020520191100-1917.pdf235.88 KB
30/04/2019 Environmental Quality Monitoring at NEEPCO, AGTCCPP, Ramchandranagar,Tripura (W)
1916/2019 NIT No. AGBP/MMW/01/2019
PDF icon 300420191000-1916.pdf534.14 KB
30/04/2019 Disposal of Used Lube Oil and Metallic Empty Barrels at AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd., Bokuloni Chariali, Dist. Dibrugarh, Assam, Pin - 786191.
1920/2019 NIT No. KHEP/2019/326
PDF icon 030520190700-1920.pdf445.28 KB
26/04/2019 Disposal of obsolete items / vehicles under Workshop wing of Kopili Hydro Electric Plant, NEEPCO Ltd, Umrongso, Dima Hasao, Assam on ‘as is where is basis’.
1919/2019 NIT No.KHEP/2019/326
PDF icon 030520190700-1919.pdf445.28 KB
26/04/2019 Disposal of obsolete items/vehicles under Workshop wing of Kopili Hydro Electric Plant, NEEPCO Ltd, Umrongso, Dima Hasao , Assam on as is where is basis
1918/2019 NIT No.08/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2019-20
PDF icon 030520191100-1918.pdf247.18 KB
26/04/2019 Supply & Delivery of Various Consumable Items for day to day maintenance activities in NEEPCO, AGTCCPP, Ramchandranagar, Agartala -799008
1915/2019 NIT No.AGBP/CWC/11/2019
PDF icon 290420191000-1915.pdf831.36 KB
26/04/2019 Supply of Sand for Building Maintenance Works of AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd., Bokuloni, Dist.: Dibrugarh, Assam.
PDF icon Corrigendum 1554.03 KB
1914/2019 NIB No.NEEPCO/ND-26/117
PDF icon 290420190300-1914.pdf245.67 KB
26/04/2019 Tender for Offering office space at SCOPE Minar, Core-2, 2nd Floor, Laxminagar, Delhi, measuring around 2573 sq.feet
1913/2019 NIT No. 07/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2019-20
PDF icon 260420191100-1913.pdf286.6 KB
25/04/2019 Supply of 1(one) number of Brand New Mahindra Bolero (power plus ZLX) conforming to the latest version Bharat Stage IV or, higher on hire basis to the AGTCCPP, NEEPCO Ltd.
1912/2019 NIT No.319/HQ
PDF icon 250420190100-1912.pdf2.33 MB
25/04/2019 Renewal of Insurance Policy for the Assets of 5 MW Grid Interactive Solar PV Power Project,Monarchak, Tripura.
PDF icon Corrigendum 1464.96 KB
PDF icon Cancellation Notice427.77 KB
1910/2019 NIT No. 06/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2019-20
PDF icon 240420191100-1910.pdf305.07 KB
23/04/2019 Supply, Delivery & Transportation, loading & unloading of Dosing Chemicals [ Alum(non-ferric), Hydrochloric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Chloride, Bleaching Powder, Ammonia] for NEEPCO, AGTCCPP, Ramchandra Nagar, Agartala, Tripura (W).
1904/2019 TENDER NO.01/NEEPCO/PHEP/CCD/2019-20
PDF icon 220420192000-1904.pdf4.86 MB
22/04/2019 Engagement of labours/workers for various works of Permanent colony, PHEP Doimukh Arunachal Pradesh.
PDF icon Cancellation Notice391.55 KB
1903/2019 NIT 05/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2019-20
PDF icon 180420191100-1903.pdf273.01 KB
18/04/2019 Trench cutting at AGTCCPP, NEEPCO Ltd, Ramchandranagar, Agartala.
1902/2019 PaHEP/M(C)/Dam Divn/2019-20/02
PDF icon 180420192000-1902.pdf427.7 KB
10/04/2019 Repair of Rope Way Suspension Bridge across Pare River, located near G&D site and u/s of the TRC of RHEP Power House, Hoz under Pare HEP.
1901/2019 PaHEP/M(C)/Dam Divn/2019-20
PDF icon 180420192000-1901.pdf795.15 KB
10/04/2019 Collection of River Discharge data during Night Time from G&D site of Pare River at upstream of RHEP Power House , Hoj under PHEP
PDF icon Cancellation Notice364.71 KB
1900/2019 NIT No. TrHEP-05/2019
PDF icon 090420191200-1900.pdf328.15 KB
09/04/2019 Supply of one Ambulance on hire basis at Tuirial Hydro Electric Project, NEEPCO Ltd., Mizoram.
1905/2019 NIT No. KHEP/C&P/2019-20/325
PDF icon 230420190700-1905.pdf2.45 MB
06/04/2019 Supply of 1 no. new P.N. White Winger Ambulance 32 WB HR AC BS IV to Kopili Hydro Electric Plant, NEEPCO, Umrongso, Dima Hasao, Assam.
PDF icon Cancellation Notice562.61 KB
1899/2019 NIT No.04/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2019-20
PDF icon 080420191100-1899.pdf2.15 MB
06/04/2019 Construction of a Chemical Storage Building for DM Plant of AGTCCPP, R.C. Nagar, Tripura (W).
1898/2019 NIT No. KHEP/C&P/2018-19/324
PDF icon 080420190700-1898.pdf2.31 MB
06/04/2019 Renovation of Glass Brick Wall at Gable end wall of the Kopili Power Station, KHEP, Umrongso.
1909/2019 NIT No.03/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2019-20
PDF icon 240420191100-1909.pdf323.47 KB
04/04/2019 Providing Services for assistance in operation of the Plant Equipment and systems in 135 MW Agartala Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant at Ramchandranagar, Agartala - 799008, Tripura(W)
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PDF icon Extension 4229.47 KB
1897/2019 NIT No.02/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2017-18
PDF icon 030420191100-1897.pdf294.33 KB
03/04/2019 Monitoring and verification audit by Empanelled Accredited energy auditing firm for PAT cycle-II as per the guidelines of BEE for 135 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant of NEEPCO at R. C. Nagar , Agartala
1907/2019 NIT No.01/NEEPCO /AGTCCPP /C&P /2018-19
PDF icon 240420191100-1907.pdf235.63 KB
01/04/2019 DISPOSAL OF USED TURBINE OIL / EMPTY DRUM AGTCCPP, NEEPCO Ltd.,R.C. Nagar, Agartala – 799008, Tripura(W).
PDF icon Extension 1228.56 KB
PDF icon Extension 2228.54 KB
PDF icon Extension 3228.6 KB
1908/2019 NIT No.83/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2018-19
PDF icon 240420191100-1908.pdf246.22 KB
30/03/2019 Supply of “Calibration Gases for CEMS Panel” for NEEPCO Ltd., Agartala Gas Turbine Combine Cycle Power Plant, Ramchandra Nagar , Agartala, Tripura (W)
1895/2019 NIT No.NEEPCO/AGBP/SFC/O&M-13/2018-19/10
PDF icon 010420191000-1895.pdf5.95 MB
30/03/2019 Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC) of existing Central Air Conditioning System, Split Air Conditioning Units and Ventilation System of plant area of AGBP, NEEPCO Ltd,Bokuloni, Assam
PDF icon Corrigendum 1478.9 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 2299.36 KB
1896/2019 NIT No.AGBP/ST&AUX/18-19/03
PDF icon 010420191000-1896.pdf1.31 MB
28/03/2019 Supply of Air Pollution Monitoring Instrument to Assam Gas Based Power Plant, NEEPCO Ltd, Bokuloni, Assam
1894/2019 NIT No. 82/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2018-19
PDF icon 290320191100-1894.pdf1.7 MB
28/03/2019 Annual Maintenance Contract for Computers & Printers for a period of 1(one) year
PDF icon Extension 1228.41 KB
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PDF icon Extension 3228.41 KB
1893/2019 NIT No.44/RHEP
PDF icon 280320190900-1893.pdf406.13 KB
27/03/2019 Supply of Electrical consumable items for Ranganadi H.E. Plant, Dist Lower Subansiri, Arunachal Pradesh
1906/2019 NIT No.81/NEEPCO /AGTCCPP /C&P /2018-19
PDF icon 240420191100-1906.pdf1.1 MB
23/03/2019 Assistance works in Control and Instrumentation Maintenance/Electrical Works for 4X21 MW GE make Gas Turbine and 2x 25.5 MW Siemens Make Steam Turbine with HRSG of Thermax for NEEPCO, AGTCCPP, Ramchandra Nagar , Agartala, Tripura (W).
PDF icon Extension 1230.46 KB
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PDF icon Extension 3230.3 KB
1890/2019 NIB No.315/HQ
PDF icon 220320190100-1890.pdf2.2 MB
22/03/2019 Renewal of Insurance Policy for the Assets of NEEPCO Coordination office New Delhi
1889/2019 NIB No.NEEPCO/PEN/IND/001
PDF icon 200320190100-1889.pdf428.9 KB
18/03/2019 Rehabilitation of Penstock-II (Partly Underground and partly Over ground) of Kameng Hydro Electric Project (600 MW) located at Kimi, Arunachal Pradesh, India through trenchless rehabilitation method of lining the existing Penstock using a combination of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) on a turn-key and design-build basis.
PDF icon Corrigendum 1125.05 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 2160.31 KB
PDF icon Notice No. I168.27 KB
Package icon Corrigendum 3345.48 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 4122.74 KB
Package icon 1st Pre Bid Meeting Details22.42 MB
PDF icon Notice No. II119.08 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 5425.77 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 6119.25 KB
Package icon Corrigendum 7186.19 KB
Package icon Corrigendum 8184.27 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 9260.38 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 1083.43 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 11326.17 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 12103.31 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 13214.64 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 14174.88 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 1597.79 KB
PDF icon Corrigendum 16131.41 KB
1886/2019 NIT No.AGBP/CWC/10/2019
PDF icon 180320191000-1886.pdf1.01 MB
18/03/2019 Repairing of A type quarter at colony area of AGBP,NEEPCO Ltd, Bokuloni, Assam
1888/2019 NIT No.80/NEEPCO /AGTCCPP /C&P /2018-19
PDF icon 180320191100-1888.pdf228.71 KB
16/03/2019 Operation and Maintenance of the DM Plant, Chlorination System and Chemical Dosing System at NEEPCO, AGTCPP, R.C. Nagar, Agartala,Tripura(W)
PDF icon Corrigendum218.75 KB
PDF icon 1st Extension228.68 KB
1887/2019 NIT No.RHEP/DGM/76/2018-19
PDF icon 180320190900-1887.pdf122.11 KB
15/03/2019 Construction of Toilet for security control room at Central Store, RHEP, NEEPCO Ltd, Yazali, Arunachal Pradesh
1885/2019 NIT NO. KOL-1/2019
PDF icon 140320190400-1885.pdf569.73 KB
13/03/2019 Sale / Disposal of Scraps, on “As is where is and whatever basis” from NEEPCO, Kolkata.
PDF icon Cancellation Notice311.25 KB
1884/2019 NIB No:AGBP/DGM(E/M)/18-19/04
PDF icon 120320191000-1884.pdf5.35 MB
11/03/2019 Conducting M&V Audit for PAT Cycle II in respect of Assam Gas Based Power Plant, NEEPCO Ltd., Bokuloni, Dibrugarh (Assam) as per BEE guidelines, EC Act 2001 and other relevant Gazette notifications.
PDF icon Corrigendum 1183.85 KB
1883/2019 NIT No.79/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2018-19
PDF icon 110320191100-1883.pdf1.95 MB
08/03/2019 Supply, delivery & commissioning of Telescopic Tower Ladder(Tilt able Type) for NEEPCO,AGTCCPP, Tripura(W).
1882/2019 NIT No.78/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2018-19
PDF icon 080320191100-1882.pdf2 MB
08/03/2019 Supply of 1(one) number brand new Tata Zest XT conforming to the latest version Bharat Stage IV or higher on hire basis to the AGTCCPP, NEEPCO Ltd,