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1225/2017 NIT NO.01 of 2015-16 - (1.5 MB) 20th Nov 2015 Auction of Unserviceable & Obsolete Staff Bus (Mahindra Tourister-25 Seater) bearing (Registration No.: AR-04-2055) on as is where is basis
1224/2017 NIT NO.KHEP/C&P/2015/240 - (255.25 KB) 26th Sep 2015 Supply & delivery of Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes with accessories
1223/2017 NIT NO.AGBP/CWC/18/2015 - (1.5 MB) 26th Sep 2015 Construction of Verandah, greenroom & toilets to the newly constructed multipurpose Community Hall at AGBP
1222/2017 NIB NO.02/GHY/WM - (149.07 KB) 20th Nov 2015 Supply, Transportation, Delivery and Commissioning of Waste Management Equipment for different worship places in Assam
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1221/2017 NIB NO.:RHEP/PH&SY(O&M)/04/15-16 - (280.75 KB) 24th Sep 2015 Manufacturing, Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of Pillar Drilling & Pedestal Grinding Machine for 3X135 MW Dikrong Power House , Ranganadi HE Plant , NEEPCO Ltd. , Yazali, Arunachal Pradesh
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1220/2017 NIQ NO.19/AGTP/HOP - (113.85 KB) 20th Nov 2015 Supply of LED LIGHT for AGTP
1219/2017 NIB NO.163 - (2.53 MB) 23rd Sep 2015 Construction of Internal roads connecting the proposed residence for CMD and Directors including parking yard at Laitkor, Shillong, Meghalaya
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1218/2017 NIT NO.KHEP/C&P(E)/2015/242 - (252.24 KB) 23rd Nov 2015 AMC of 1.5TR, 2TR and Split Air Conditioners installed at different locations of KHEP
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1217/2017 NIB NO.167 - (173.48 KB) 23rd Nov 2015 Engagement of Designated Independent Agency/Experts empanelled by CERC for vetting of Capital Cost of Kameng & Tuirial H.E. Project
1216/2017 NIB NO.164 - (319.26 KB) 23rd Sep 2015 Carrying out the work of Master Plan for NEEPCO residential complex, Laitkor, Shillong, Meghalaya
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1215/2017 NIT NO.AGBP/CWC/23/2015 - (1.51 MB) 24th Nov 2015 Renovation and painting of Administrative Building etc
1214/2017 NIT NO.TrHEP-06/2015 - (152.27 KB) 23rd Sep 2015 Supply of consumable materials for treatment of water as & when required
1213/2017 NIB 02 - (2.31 MB) 22nd Sep 2015 Limited Tender for Implementation of Integrated Management System at Tripura Gas Based Power Plant
1212/2017 NIQ NO.20/AGTP/HOP - (209.26 KB) 26th Nov 2015 Supply of G.I. Pipes and related accessories
1211/2017 NIB 11 - (223.46 KB) 27th Nov 2015 Supply of 32 mm dia. TMT Bars for Tuirial H.E. Project Supply of 32 mm dia. TMT Bars for Tuirial H.E. Project
1210/2017 NIB No. 161 - (158.12 KB) 17th Sep 2015 For setting up a 2 MWp Grid Interactive Solar PV Power Plant at Lanka, Nagaon District of Assam, India.
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1209/2017 NIT NO.AGBP/CWC/24 - (1.6 MB) 27th Nov 2015 Repairing and providing Bituminous Concrete, Seal Coat over all Sector Roads etc.
1208/2017 NIB No. 162 - (73.71 KB) 17th Sep 2015 For Renewal of Insurance Policy for Assets of 220/132 kV Balipara and 132/33 kV Khuppi Substations, 2.5 MVA 33/11 kV & 125 kVA 11/0.433 kV Transformers and 33/11 kV Substations at Kimi, Tenga Dam, Bichom of KaHEP
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1207/2017 NIT NO.90/DGM(C)/TGBPP/2015-16 - (450.18 KB) 28th Nov 2015 Removal of silt deposited at approach channel at intake power house
1206/2017 NIT No: 01 of 2015-16/HCMW - (96.51 KB) 17th Sep 2015 Construction of Security Duty Post at Power House Colony, Hoz, RHEP, A.P
1205/2017 NIT No. 02 of 2015-16/HCMW - (96.59 KB) 17th Sep 2015 Providing and Fixing of Water Storage Tanks in the Permanent RCC Quarters in the Power House Colony, Hoz, RHEP, A.P
1204/2017 NIT No. 03 of 2015-16/HCMW - (96.52 KB) 17th Sep 2015 Repairing, Painting and Distempering of RCC quarter no. PB-1 at Hoz, RHEP, A.P
1203/2017 NIT NO.89/DGM(C)/TGBPP/2015-16 - (441.97 KB) 28th Nov 2015 Renovation of the existing stores bldgs.
1202/2017 NIT NO.09/SRM(C)/AGTP/2015 - (655.08 KB) 28th Nov 2015 Roof Treatment of Bank and Post Office Building AGTP
1201/2017 NIT NO.08/SRM(C)/AGTP/2015 - (580.02 KB) 28th Nov 2015 Roof Treatment of Hospital Building of AGTP
1200/2017 NIT no 10/SRC(C)/AGTP/2015 - (506.5 KB) 30th Nov 2015 Construction of a septic tank on the back side of the Hospital Building of AGTP
1199/2017 NIQ NO.KHEP/C&P(E)/2015/243 - (278.78 KB) 30th Nov 2015 Selling of scrap from Kopili Hydro Electric Plant
1198/2017 NIT 51/2015-16/KHEP/C&P(C) - (481.08 KB) 01st Dec 2015 Repairing of Kopili Surge Shaft Road
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1197/2017 NIT NEEPCO/ND-125/15-16/2042 - (188.49 KB) 02nd Dec 2015 Empanelment of transporter/tour and travel agents for hiring of cars of daily /monthly basis for official use
1196/2017 NIT 91/DGM(C)/TGBP/2015 - (876.55 KB) 02nd Dec 2015 Construction of bituminous carpet over approach road to Canteen Building and approach plant road to electrical store at TGBPP
1195/2017 NIT RHEP/DGM/09/2015-16 - (134.55 KB) 03rd Dec 2015 Renovation of road side drain along C type quarters at 43 km Colony, RHEP (GROUP II)
1194/2017 NIT RHEP/DGM/08/2015-16 - (134.6 KB) 03rd Dec 2015 Renovation of road side drain along the C type quarters, at 43 km colony, RHEP
1193/2017 NIT 25 - (646.72 KB) 03rd Dec 2015 Providing CGI sheet cover at various locations and exterior painting of wall, doors, windows of "D" type quarters at AGBP
1192/2017 NIT 52/2015-16/KHEP/C&P(C) - (693.48 KB) 03rd Dec 2015 Patch repairing including premix surfacing of NEEPCO Permanent Colony roads at KHEP
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1191/2017 NIT KHEP/C&P(E)/2015/244 - (348.29 KB) 03rd Dec 2015 Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Battery Bank, Charger and DC Distribution board and Disposal through buyback of old batteries.
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1190/2017 NIQ KHEP/C&P(E)/2014/245 - (294.86 KB) 03rd Dec 2015 Supply, fitting, fixing & testing of energy efficient LED fittings
1189/2017 NIQ 12 - (582.31 KB) 04th Dec 2015 Supplying a brand new TATA SUMO GOLD CX PS BSIII on hire for short term/long term basis
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1188/2017 NIT 25/NEEPCO/AGTP-CC(EP)/CIVIL/2015-16 - (5.02 MB) 05th Dec 2015 Repairing of existing road of backside of GT power house of AGTP
1187/2017 NIT KHEP/C&P/2015/246 - (167.42 KB) 05th Dec 2015 Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Shop Assembly, Shop Testing, Supply and Delivery at site of 132 KV 600/1A Line CT
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1186/2017 NIT 27/NEEPCO/AGTP-CC/CIVIL/2015-16 - (3.45 MB) 07th Dec 2015 Repairing and construction of roads between ACC and GT power house of AGTP
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1185/2017 NIT RHEP/DGM/10/2015-16 - (3.45 MB) 07th Dec 2015 Renovation of security control room at RHEP, 43 Km colony.
1184/2017 NIB 178 - (353.25 KB) 07th Dec 2015 Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Supply, Transportation, Delivery, Insurance, Erection and Commissioning of 1 no Butterfly valve for 1x25 MW Kopili Stage II and 1 no Spherical Valve for 4x50 MW Kopili Power Stations
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1183/2017 SNIQ 01/2015/G&SY/DHEP - (1.81 MB) 07th Dec 2015 Supply of Consumables required at DHEP
1182/2017 NIT 26/NEEPCO/AGTP-CC(EP)/CIVIL/2015-16 - (4.97 MB) 07th Dec 2015 Repairing of existing road between HRSG and DM plant of AGTP
1181/2017 NIB No. 160 - (156.13 KB) 16th Sep 2015 Supply of the mechanical parts required for MI , CI & BI of Units at Agartala Gas Turbine Plant ( Make of Unit: GE make frame V gas turbine supplied by EGT, Model No. G5371(PA)) located in Tripura, India.
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1180/2017 NIB NO.15/AGTP/HOP - (2.08 MB) 16th Sep 2015 Supply, Transportation, Transit Insurance, Delivery upto AGTP site and loading/unloading of Chemicals
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1179/2017 NIQ 22/NEEPCO/AGTP-CC(EP)/CIVIL/2015-16 - (9.64 MB) 16th Sep 2015 Providing and fixing of false ceiling at the control room of the existing power house of AGTP plant
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1178/2017 NIT NEEPCO/AGBP/U&WC/2015-16/15 - (416.21 KB) 08th Dec 2015 Design, manufacture, assembly, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of 15 KWp Grid-Connected Roof-Top Solar PV system
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1177/2017 NIQ 03/2015-16/KHEP/C&P(C) - (219.59 KB) 15th Sep 2015 Supply and delivery of Lime and Bleaching Powder to KHEP