Rehabilatation and Resettlement

I) Introduction

Resettlement and Rehabilitation (R&R) Plan forms a part of the Environmental Impact Assessment and Management Plan Reports (EIA and EMP) and is assessed and approved by the Expert Appraisal Committee (EAC) of Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) for according Environmental Clearance to the project. The R&R Plan for project affected families for ongoing projects has been prepared based on National Policy for Rehabilitation and Resettlement, 2003 and as per National Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy, 2007 (NRRP-2007). For new and upcoming projects the provisions of the R&R Plan would be according to the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013 and its amendments which come from time to time. The R&R Plan is implemented in association with the concerned State Government, representatives from project affected families and other stakeholders in the area. Considering the plight of those who have sacrificed their resources for the larger benefit of the society, ways and means has to be explored and implemented to protect their rights in general and the rights of vulnerable sections in particular, as an attempt towards sustainable developments. In the process, NEEPCO explores various viable alternatives and select the one causing least displacement or adverse impacts. Therefore, a detailed socio-economic survey is conducted before formulation of R&R Plan for the project affected families (PAFs) so as to assess the socio-economic and socio-cultural set-up of the affected families and local people. In future, in addition to Socio-economic aspects, a separate chapter on socio-cultural aspects based on study on Ethnography of the area will be included. For effective implementation & monitoring of R&R Plan of a project, NEEPCO in consultation with the concerned State Government forms a Project R&R Committee headed by Administrator for R&R (rank of District Collector of the concerned State Government) and Head of the Project being the Member Secretary of the committee.

A broad R&R package being implemented by NEEPCO at its various projects comprises the following:-

Compensation :

  • Compensation cost for land.

Physical rehabilitation:

For project affected persons:

  • Construction of residential houses.
  • Construction of sanitary latrine.
  • Construction of granary.
  • Construction/grant of/for cattle /poultry sheds.
  • Agricultural /horticultural land.
  • Land development and protection measures against sediment flow.
  • Transportation / displacement grant.

For village infrastructure:

  • Development of grazing land.
  • गSite development for village land.
  • Development of road.
  • Providing power supply.
  • Providing water supply.
  • Construction of sanitation and sewerage facilities.
  • Construction of school building.
  • Construction of religious worship place.
  • Construction of Community Hall.
  • Construction of Panchayat Ghar.
  • Construction of post office building.
  • Grant for opening fair price shop.
  • Construction of market.
  • Construction of park and playground.
  • Medical facilities- primary health centre.
  • Veterinary services.
  • Preservation of historical monuments.
  • Cremation ground / grave yards.
  • Preservation of biodiversity sites.

Economic rehabilitation:

Grant for:

  • Agricultural activities.
  • Horticultural activities.
  • Dairying.
  • Poultry rearing.
  • Piggery.
  • Goatery.
  • Non-farm economic activities.

Training on:

  • Cultivation and management of soil and water conservation in hills and hill slopes, in terraced lands, selection of crops and varieties as well as other cultural practices for better production.
  • Management and upkeep of cross-bred cows.
  • Management and upkeep of improved pigs.
  • Management and upkeep of ducks.
  • Management and upkeep of goatery.
  • Weaving and designing.
  • Handicrafts.
  • Mushroom cultivation.

II) R&R Package Approved for some NEEPCO Projects

Important features of R&R Packages at various projects of NEEPCO are given below:

a) Kameng Hydro Electric Project (Arunachal Pradesh).

  • Homestead land: Land for construction of house @ 0.02 ha per family.
  • House to be constructed for 99 PAFs with a plinth area of 50 sq. m. per PAF.
  • Granary of 7.5 sq. m. to be constructed for all 99 PAFs.
  • Cattle/Poultry Shed of 40 sq. m. to be constructed for all 99 PAFs.
  • 1.50 ha of Agricultural land and 1 ha of Horticultural land to each PAF.
  • Land Development: 45 ha through Bench Terracing and 238.5 ha land development.
  • Transportation/Displacement Grant of Rs.3500/- per PAF.
  • Rehabilitation Grant of Rs.2,500/- per PAF for 12 months.
  • Training Facilities: Training programmes in upkeep of cross breed cows, improved pigs, ducks, goatery, weaving and designing, handicrafts, mushroom cultivation.
  • Economic Rehabilitation:
    • Rs.2,000/- per family for agricultural planting materials.
    • Rs.1,500/- per family for horticultural planting materials.
    • Rs.30,000/- per family for 25 families for 2 cross breed cows.
    • 10 layers for poultry rearing for each PAF @ Rs.75/- per layer.
  • Basic amenities and infrastructural facilities in settlement site: Planning and development of R&R site for housing and other civic amenities such as approach road, drainage, water, electricity, sanitation etc. construction of community hall, sanitation and sewerage, religious worship house, post office, panchayat ghar, school, fair price shop, market, play-ground, veterinary services, free treatment and medicines to the oustees in the project.

Status of R&R activities of Kameng Hydro Electric Project (Arunachal Pradesh).

  • The R & R committee as required has been constituted by the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh vide memo No. PQRS/A-465/98/2214-25 dated Itanagar, 8th Sept. 2006 with Deputy Commissioner, West Kameng District as Chairperson.
  • The R&R scheme is to be executed over a period of 3 (three) years through the District Authority and NEEPCO would release the fund in phases in commensuration with the progress of work.
  • Status of the works is below in brief:
  • The total amount of Rs.38.39 Crores for R&R works has been released to Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Land required for the implementation was identified in consultation with the villagers of Bichom and Yayung village (Project Affected Families – PAF).
  • The 1st meeting of R&R committee was held on 25th Oct. 2007 in the Conference hall of office of the Dy. Commissioner (DC), West Kameng District.
  • Survey of land identified for R&R of affected families have been conducted jointly by the representatives of Deptt. Hydro-Power Development (DHPD) and NEEPCO in Dec 2010.
  • The Hydro-Power department had consulted experts like Architect etc. being the nodal/executing agency of the R&R scheme. The Plinth area of dwelling house shall be the standard of Type-III building.
  • Estimates for construction of houses, road, water supply, electrification have been prepared by the concerned departments at the initiation of Hydro-Power department.
  • A Monitoring Committee has been constituted for monitoring the R&R scheme against the Project. The list has been finalized on 16th Jun 2011 in the chamber of DC, West Kameng District.
  • The proposal of NEEPCO for village Infrastructure and Economic Rehabilitation scheme has been be revised keeping in view the location and practical requirement of the PAFs and area.
  • The R&R works are being undertaken by Deptt. Hydro-Power Development (DHPD), Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Site Development of both villages completed. Water supply to both villages done. Infrastructure works are in progress.
  • The total amount of Rs.38.39 Crores for R&R works has been released to Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh.

b) Pare Hydro Electric Project (Arunachal Pradesh):

  • Land for relocating 38 houses @ 150 sq. m./PAF.
  • Provision of civic amenities @ 25% of house plots
  • Provision of Infrastructure facilities @ 25% of house plots.
  • Financial assistance for provision of cattle-shed @Rs.3,000/PAF.
  • Financial assistance for transportation. @Rs.5,000/PAF.
  • One time financial assistance for House Construction to all 38 PAF.
  • Financial assistance of Rs.10,000/- for construction of working shed/shop.
  • Basic amenities and infrastructural facilities in settlement site: Planning and development of R&R site for housing and other civic amenities such as approach road, power supply, water supply, sanitation facilities etc. construction of community hall, place of worship, post office, panchayat building, fair price shop, space for market, park & play-ground, primary health centre, free treatment and medicines to the oustees in the project.

Status of R&R activities of Pare Hydro Electric Project (Arunachal Pradesh):

Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh has already constituted the necessary R&R Committee for implementation of R&R plan for Pare H.E. Project. The first meeting of the committee was held under the chairmanship of D.C., Papumpare Dist. on 18th March, 2011. The representatives from the PAFs requested D.C. to set up the proposed model village to be constructed under R&R Plan at Sopo village. Subsequently the R&R Committee visited Sopo village on the 29th of April, 2011 to ascertain the feasibility of the proposed area for establishment of model village for re-settlement of the project affected people.The land for model village has been acquired and handed over to NEEPCO by district administration on 1st June,2012 and necessary payment amounting to Rs.256,50457.00 has been released by the Corporation to the District Authority towards land and other assets compensation on 27th April,2012.

D.C. Papum Pare District vide letter dated 7th September, 2012 submitted an estimate amounting to Rs.14.92 Crores for establishment of Rehabilitation and Resettlement scheme for the project affected families on the notified and acquired land for Pare H.E. Project at Sopo village under Doimukh Circle.

Subsequently, a revised estimate for an amount of Rs. 15.18 Crores has been forwarded by D.C. Papum Pare District.

Total Amount Incurred on R&R Scheme = Rs.18,04,97,238/- OR Rs.18.05 Crores.

Construction of approach road to model village, internal roads, cross drainage work, boundary wall, retaining/protection work, RCC spur, school building, Teacher’s quarter, B/Barrack (school), Medical building, 35 nos. Rehabilitation cottages, Doctor’s quarter, B/Barrack (Medical), Market shed, Worship place, Community hall, Cattle shed, Playground and avenue plantation have been completed. External electrification work and execution of water supply scheme have been completed.

R&R Model Village has been completed in all respects and Deputy Commissioner, Papum Pare District has accordingly issued allotment order vide letter dated 28th October, 2015.

Panoramic view of R&R village

Rehabilitation Cottage (traditional style)

Rehabilitation Cottage (traditional style)

Teachers Quarters

Religious Building

Water Supply Scheme

c) Tripura Gas Based Power Project (Tripura):

All 16 affected families have been rehabilitated through the Govt. of Tripura by acquiring additional 6.73 acres of Govt. Khas land.

d) Ranganadi Hydro Electric Project (Arunachal Pradesh):

  • 27 nos. of families residing in Chun & Rub village had been shifted to Potin village duly developing the new rehabilitation site with water supply.
  • Necessary electrification has been provided to PAFs.
  • 7 families from Rub village opted for CGI sheets and water supply for their temporary shifted houses at Emchi Happa and were provided the same.
  • Employment to 108 nos. people was given to the land affected (directly and indirectly) who were STs of Arunachal Pradesh during construction period (1989 to 1996).
  • R&R scheme has been implemented at a cost of Rs.83.173 Lakh.