Joint Venture Plants

Plants/ Joint Venture Plants:

Plants of NEEPCO in various stages of development in joint venture basis are as follows:

Last Updated : 25/04/2019



Sl. No Name of The Project State Details Status
1 Dibbin HEP (120 MW) Arunachal Pradesh
  • Joint Venture formed in 2014 between NEEPCO and KSK Energy Ventures Ltd. for development of the project.
  • TEC was accorded in 2009.
  • Environment Clearance and Stage-I Forest Clearance accorded.
  • Stage-II Forest Clearance is in process. Requisite fees paid to MOEF&CC and application submitted to State Government.
  • Environmental flow as per Bichom Basin Study Report makes the project unviable.
  • On request, CEA is examining the extent of applicability of TEC with revised design energy and unaltered installed capacity.
4 years (Commissioning Schedule -- Tent. From Investment approval)
2 Siang Upper St-II HEP (3750 MW) Arunachal Pradesh
  • NEEPCO signed MoA with State Govt. in 2013 for implementation of the project in joint venture between NEEPCO, NHPC and State Govt.
  • NEEPCO prepared the PFR.
  • Works on DPR and EIA/EMP are presently on hold as per MoP’s letter dated 18.11.2015 till a final decision is received on certain aspect.
8 years (Commissioning Schedule -- Tent. From Investment approval)
3 Kurung HEP (330 MW) Arunachal Pradesh
  • MoA signed with the Government of Arunachal Pradesh in 2015 for preparation of DPR and subsequent implementation in joint venture with the State Government.
  • PFR was prepared by NEEPCO.
  • Pre-investment approval from MoP is in process.
6.5 years (Commissioning Schedule -- Tent. From Investment approval)