CMD Message on 45th NEEPCO Day

Dear Colleague, I extend my heartiest congratulations and sincere best wishes to all of you on this NEEPCO day as we enter 45th year of our service to the nation. My sincere thanks to all our employees who have shown their steadfast resolve to man all the critical functions of the corporation. I am sure, with our extreme alertness we will definitely sail through this crisis and will continue our momentum of achieving more success with discipline, dedication and commitment, we will continue discharging our duties to the nation and ensure all the plant operations and other important works while taking care of our personal safety and safety of our family members. I am sure all of us will set the highest standard of national service and personal safety optimally .As most of you know, the stakes transfer of NEEPCO to NTPC by the Govt. of India has been completed. There will be new benchmark of performance expected from us. Let’s prove that we are capable of rising to the occasion whenever and whatever the situation demands of us. Wishing you all a very healthy, safe and happy environment ahead.

Jai Hind