संग्रहित निविदा

आखिरी अपडेट: 26/05/2020

क्रमांक निविदा संख्या निविदा दिनांक संक्षिप्त सूचना बोली निविदाएं शुद्धिपत्र विस्तृत बोली दस्तावेज
1008/2017 NIQ NO.19/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2015-16/NIQ-19 - (144.17 KB) 04th फरवरी 2016 Supply, transportation, transit insurance, delivery of Hydro test pump set and its accessories upto AGTCCPP, NEEPCO
1007/2017 NIB NO.139 - (51.69 KB) 10th जून 2015 Construction of CMDs residence of NEEPCO Ltd., at Laitkor, Shillong
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1006/2017 NIT NO.04/NEEPCO/AGTP/EM/2015-16/NIT-04 - (160.03 KB) 09th जून 2015 Supply of Electrical Items on buy back basis
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1005/2017 NIB NO.182 - (378.32 KB) 04th फरवरी 2016 Supply of mechanical parts for GE make Gas Turbine, AGTP
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1004/2017 NIQ NO.02/2016/IT/DHEP - (1.71 MB) 04th फरवरी 2016 Supply, installation and commissioning of Online UPS, Battery etc. at DHEP
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1003/2017 NIQ NO.RHEP/US&W-02/2015-16 - (389.06 KB) 09th जून 2015 Supply of 11KV & 33KV AC Outdoor Gang Switch Set at RHEP
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1002/2017 NIQ No.TGBPP/HR/NIT-02/2015-16 - (5.13 MB) 08th जून 2015 Sealed Tender are invited for TATA SUMO GOLD,EX.,A/C with Power Steering(Diesel Version),for TGBPP
1001/2017 NIT KHEP/C&P(E)/2016/252 - (257.27 KB) 05th फरवरी 2016 Manufacture, shop testing, supply and delivery of Stainless Steel Valves as per specification and quantity required for 4 X 50 MW Kopili Power Station
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1000/2017 NIT 31/NEEPCO/AGTPCC(EP)/CIVIL/2015-16 - (252.98 KB) 05th फरवरी 2016 Repairing of existing road between HRSG & DM plant of AGTP
999/2017 NIT 30/NEEPCO/AGTP-CC(EP)/CIVIL/2015-16 - (3.85 MB) 05th फरवरी 2016 Construction of pavement inside the switchyard towards east side for 54.5m from north side fencing of AGTP-CC(EP)
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998/2017 NIQ NO.04/AGTP/HOP - (3.26 MB) 06th जून 2015 Supply, Installation & Commissioning of IP based Surveillance Cameras and NVR at AGTP
997/2017 NIB NO.138 - (85.59 KB) 05th जून 2015 Limited tender for IAR Insurance policy of Gas Turbine unit for Tripura Gas Based Combined Cycle Power Plant at Monarchak, Tripura
996/2017 NIB 23/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2015-16 - (117.21 KB) 08th फरवरी 2016 Supply, Transportation, Transit Insurance,Delivery of Caustic soda (flakes) up to AGTCCPP site (FOR basis)
995/2017 NIT 13/2015-16/HCMW - (96.59 KB) 08th फरवरी 2016 Renovation of PB-1(B) & PB-2(B) by providing and laying floor tiles at Power House colony RHEP, Hoz, A.P
994/2017 NIT 105/DGM(C)/TGBPP/2016 - (1.84 MB) 09th फरवरी 2016 Construction of Synthetic Tennis Court at TGBPP
993/2017 NIT NO.NEEPCO/ES/R/35(A)/2015-2016/01 - (72.38 KB) 03rd जून 2015 Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for supply and maintenance of potted plants including outdoor garden etc. at NEEPCO Corporate Office and Guest House, Shillong.
992/2017 NIB NO.137 - (106.85 KB) 02nd जून 2015 Supply of New Servers with Operating System
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991/2017 NIT NO.08/2015 - (689.58 KB) 01st जून 2015 Repairing of Quarter at AGBP Colony
990/2017 NIT 32/NEEPCO/AGTPCC(EP)/CIVIL/2015-16 - (237.33 KB) 10th फरवरी 2016 Repairing of existing road of backside of GT power house of AGTP
989/2017 NIT 03/AGBP - (494.75 KB) 11th फरवरी 2016 Internal paintings of class rooms and replacement of damaged doors of VKV school, AGBP
988/2017 NEEPCO/ND/86/516 - (156.37 KB) 27th मई 2015 Notice inviting quotations for comprehensive annual maintenance contract for Air Conditioners Windows/Spilt type installed at NEEPCO Premises, New Delhi.
987/2017 NIQ NO.KHEP/2015/230 - (226.65 KB) 26th मई 2015 Selling of unserviceable and obsolete/damage Air Compressors and Water pumps on AS IS WHERE IS BASIS
986/2017 NIT 01/2015-16 - (811.39 KB) 11th फरवरी 2016 Improvement of colony road stretch from junction point of old Shiva Mandir to its junction point with the main approach road near Quality Control office.
985/2017 NIT NO.82/DGM(C)/TGBPP/2015 - (1.71 MB) 26th मई 2015 Providing and laying polished vitrified floor tiles at conference room, corridor and lobby at ground floor of Administrative Building at TGBPP
984/2017 NIB 183 - (1.88 MB) 12th फरवरी 2016 Renewal of Insurance Policy of Assets of Kopili Stage - II
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983/2017 NIT NO.03/SRMC/AGTP/2015-16 - (546.28 KB) 25th मई 2015 Demolishing a part of the existing damaged boundary wall and constructing the new wall in the main road side of AGTP
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982/2017 NIB 184 - (1.62 MB) 15th फरवरी 2016 Renewal of Insurance Policy of Assets of Assam Gas Based Power Plant
981/2017 NIT NO.03/NEEPCO/AGTP/EM/2015-16/NIT-03 - (1.11 MB) 25th मई 2015 Supply of ROOF EXTRACTOR FAN (Model : B 838)
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980/2017 NIB 01 - (695.29 KB) 16th फरवरी 2016 Providing manpower towards running and maintenance including housekeeping of NEEPCO Guest House, Kumargaon, Tezpur
979/2017 NIT NO.02/SRMC/AGTP/2015-16 - (596.22 KB) 23rd मई 2015 Fixing of concertina coil fencing of dia 600mm
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978/2017 NIQ 24/Sr M(E/M)/C&P/AGTCCPP/2015-16 - (1.02 MB) 16th फरवरी 2016 Supply of New Tata make ZestXT
977/2017 NIB No.136 - (45.65 KB) 22nd मई 2015 Raising External Commercial Borrowing of US $ 385 million
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976/2017 NIB 188 - (69.94 KB) 16th फरवरी 2016 Construction of Type-C Quarters (2 blocks) at Doyang Hydro Electric Plant, Doyang, Nagaland
975/2017 NIB 189 - (68.97 KB) 16th फरवरी 2016 Construction of HOP Residence (1 Block) at Doyang Hydro Electric Plant, Doyang, Nagaland
974/2017 NIT NO.2/NEEPCO/AGTP/EM/eNIT-02/2014-15 - (109.71 KB) 21st मई 2015 Supply of mechanical spares
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973/2017 NIB 187 - (216.43 KB) 16th फरवरी 2016 Construction of Type-F Quarters (1 Block) at Doyang Hydro Electric Plant, Doyang, Nagaland.
972/2017 NIT NO.35 - (1.71 MB) 19th मई 2015 Supply of multi rack storage facility for TGBPP
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971/2017 NIB 186 - (219.93 KB) 16th फरवरी 2016 Construction of Type-E Quarters (1 Block) at Doyang Hydro Electric Plant, Doyang, Nagaland.
970/2017 NIT NO.1/NEEPCO/AGTP/EM/2015-16/NIT-1 - (150.98 KB) 15th मई 2015 Supply of Chain Pulley Block
969/2017 NIT 16/NEEPCO/DGM/CIVIL/AGTP-CC(EP)/2015-16 - (3.26 MB) 12th मई 2015 Construction of flat brick flooring, brick wall etc. at new approach road of IoB Bank, AGTP.
968/2017 NIB 185 - (220.75 KB) 16th फरवरी 2016 Construction of Senior Executive Hostel (1 Block) at Doyang Hydro Electric Plant, Doyang, Nagaland
967/2017 NIT No.81/DGM(C)/TGBPP/2015 - (1.38 MB) 12th मई 2015 Construction of Flag pole foundation, providing canopy at ,Car porch, Flagpole & floor tiling,EWC pan at Erector's Hostel at TGBPP
966/2017 NIT 26/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2015-16 - (136.15 KB) 17th फरवरी 2016 Supply of PERSONAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENTS for Agartala Gas Turbine Combine Cycle Power Plant, NEEPCO Ltd
965/2017 NIB No.01 dated:12/05/2015 - (356.94 KB) 12th मई 2015 Internal Electrification works for E Type and F Type buildings at DHEP, Doyang, Wokha,Nagaland.
964/2017 NIT NO.06/2015 - (448.53 KB) 08th मई 2015 Inside wall painting of STG building at plant area of AGBP
963/2017 NIQ 25/NEEPCO/AGTCCPP/C&P/2015-15 - (144.6 KB) 17th फरवरी 2016 Supply of LED Street Light for Agartala Gas Turbine Combine Cycle Power Plant, NEEPCO Ltd
962/2017 NIB NO.135 - (95.21 KB) 08th मई 2015 Limited tender for Renewal of Insurance policy of Electronic Assets of IT Department, Shillong due for renewal on 10.06.2015(Midnight).
960/2017 NIT RHEP/DGM/14/2015-16 - (134.52 KB) 18th फरवरी 2016 Repairing and painting of Guest House, 43 Km, RHEP
961/2017 NIB NO.134 - (2.7 MB) 07th मई 2015 Repair, Servicing and Maintenance of Depletion Tunnel Gates (Goose neck gate, Emergency gates and Service gates), Intake gate and Spillway Stoplogs and Gantry crane of Doyang Hydro Electric Plant, Doyang, Nagaland.
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959/2017 NIT NO.TrHEP-04/2015 - (154.04 KB) 07th मई 2015 Hiring of vehicles at Tuirial Hydro Electric Project, NEEPCO Ltd., Mizoram