Details of Successful Bidders

Last Updated : 07/08/2018

NIB No.278/HQ 19th Apr 2018
NIB No.273/HQ 09th Mar 2018
NIB No.285/HQ 28th Jun 2018
NIB No.269/HQ 05th Mar 2018
NIB No.284/HQ 25th Jun 2018
NIB NO.CS/NIB/01/2018 09th Apr 2018
NIB No.256/HQ 09th Nov 2017
NIB No.282 14th May 2018
NIB No 281/HQ 10th May 2018
NIB No 281/HQ 10th May 2018
NIB NO.08/IT 03rd Jan 2018
NIB No 280/HQ 10th May 2018
NIB No.277/HQ 26th Mar 2018
NIB NO.266 17th Jan 2018
NIB No.256/HQ 09th Nov 2017
NIB No.276/HQ 23rd Mar 2018
NIB No.271/HQ 06th Mar 2018 Letter of Intent
NIB No.270/HQ 05th Mar 2018 Letter of Intent
NIQ.TrHEP-05/2018 31st Mar 2018
NIB No.254/HQ 03rd Nov 2017
NIT No.268/HQ 08th Feb 2018
NIT No.267 08th Feb 2018
NIB No.258/HQ 21st Nov 2017
NIB No.252/IT/HQ 25th Sep 2017
NIB No. 251/HQ 21st Sep 2017
NIB No.263/HQ 22nd Dec 2017
NIB No.262/HQ 22nd Dec 2017
NIB No.237/HQ 18th Apr 2017
NIB No.248/HQ 16th Aug 2017
NIT No.246/HQ 24th Jul 2017
NIB 255/HQ 03rd Nov 2017
NIT No.67/AGBP 23rd Jan 2018
NIB 244/HQ 19th Jul 2017
NIB No.01/IC&A/HQ 17th Nov 2017
NIB No.250/HQ 12th Sep 2017
NIB No.231/HQ 08th Mar 2017
NIB No.249/HQ 04th Sep 2017
NIB No.241/HQ 15th Jun 2017
NIT NO.247 11th Aug 2017
NIT No.245/HQ 21st Jul 2017
NIB No.238/HQ 28th Apr 2017
NIB NO.243 30th Jun 2017
NIB No.227 14th Feb 2017
NID 160/120 Doc 08th Aug 2017
NIB NO.104/NEEPCO/2014 04th Aug 2014
NIB NO.103/NEEPCO/2014 04th Aug 2014
NIT NO.NEEPCO/ND/F-186/2014-15/1058 29th Aug 2014
NIB NO.96 23rd Jun 2014
NIB NO.02/GHY 12th Aug 2014
NIB NO.93 11th Apr 2014